Keep your braces treatment quiet

Braces in Camden have come a long way: time was, if you wanted straighter teeth, fixed metal braces were your only option. And while they did the job, it was a bit like getting a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Never mind the taunts of ‘brace face’ and stares and personal questions from strangers that accompanied treatment. It’s no wonder adults didn’t often choose to wear these highly conspicuous devices.

You see, while fixed metal braces in Camden are necessary for complex realignment of the teeth and jaws, such as teenagers need, for adults who just want to straighten up their teeth a little, there are now better tools for the job. Fixed metal braces will do the work, but how much better if it can be done more quickly and discreetly?

Braces in CamdenEnter clear and hidden braces in Camden. Yes, it is possible to get straighter teeth without anyone knowing. There are a range of options available. At Ace Dental, we offer the following treatments.


These are clear plastic, removable aligners, similar to mouth guards. They come in pairs and slot neatly over the teeth and gums. Once in place, they are invisible to all but the most dedicated observer.

Inman Aligner

Treatment with this aligner can be very quick: it can take as little as six weeks. And while it is held in place with metal fixings, the section across the front of the teeth can be made from clear plastic, making it reasonably discreet.

Quick Straight Teeth

There are two methods available from QST: either a clear aligner, similar to Invisalign, or a fixed braces system that uses tooth-coloured brackets and wires, that blend into the teeth.

Lingual braces

These fixed metal braces can do almost all the work that their front-facing counterparts can. Only difference is, they are fixed to the back profile of the teeth, and so are hidden from view.

Six Month Smiles

These are tooth-coloured fixed metal braces that work in a similar way to Quick Straight Teeth.

Why not drop into Ace Dental today and find out more about braces in Camden?

You want a smoother face?

When you look in the mirror at your lovely new teeth, do you feel that your face needs a bit of help now too? It isn’t our fault that as we age our bodies produce less of the products that help our skin bounce back, but there are things we can do to make our faces work for us and not against us. Here at Ace Dental, we use facial aesthetics in Camden to give people back their self-confidence and their lovely smooth faces.

Facial Aesthetics CamdenThe science of ageing is increasingly important and at Ace Dental, we have adapted our deep knowledge of the head, face and neck and our skills with tools such as needles and applied them to facial aesthetics, so that you can have an amazing smile set in an amazing face. There are two problems that everyone suffers with as they age: wrinkles formed by the habitual contraction of certain muscles, and the sags, hollows and wrinkles created by the loss of moisture and plumpness from our faces.

Contraction wrinkles come from always having certain muscles contracted. They are mainly in the upper face, such as frown lines between the brows, worry lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet around the eyes. They can also be smoker’s lines around the mouth. Contracting them is a habit that can start young so it’s not unusual to see people even in their 20s with frown and worry lines developing.

At Ace Dental, we use Botox, a purified protein from the Botulinum A toxin to gently paralyse the nerves that are telling the muscles to contract. In a quick session of only a few minutes, we inject just the right amount into the muscle. Over the course of the next week or so, the muscle is gradually paralysed and smooths out. You will, however, still be able to make natural facial expressions.

The effects last for about four months and people often come for a top-up session after three months.

We also offer dermal fillers to fill out hollows and wrinkles. These are great around the mouth and last for six months to a year.

Don’t let discoloured teeth get you down

Back in the old days, if people had unsightly teeth, they had to grin and bear it. But in the 21st century, there is no reason why anyone should have to feel down about the appearance of their teeth. With modern technologies, dental practices can fix most problems or insecurities you have about your teeth, including stained teeth.

In Camden, teeth whitening is an appealing solution for those who want to feel confident and smart for a business interview or get ready for a special event like a wedding or graduation. Or maybe you just want to start feeling more like yourself and smiling confidently again. Here at Ace Dental, we have the means to get you smiling and speaking without feeling self-conscious about your teeth.

Teeth Whitening in CamdenHow do teeth get stained?

No one has naturally perfectly straight white teeth. Like the rest of our bodies, our teeth are constantly changing. After so many cups of coffees, glasses of red wine, and certain foods, they are likely to show signs of wear. While it’s true that good oral hygiene will prevent your teeth from being too stained, your enamel will naturally wear away as you age.

Other reasons that may lead people to go for teeth whitening in Camden may be stained teeth caused by factors which aren’t directly tooth-related, such as some diseases, certain medications like antihistamines or antipsychotic drugs, or genetics.

Whatever the cause, we can help to lighten the teeth to help you feel better about your smile. Whether that’s a drastic change, or just one or two shades whiter.

What’s involved in the treatment?

While people have busy lives in Camden, teeth whitening doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can have your desired goal in just one visit to Ace Dental.

We offer two types of treatment:

  • Power whitening: Completed by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth, which is activated by placing a lamp over the teeth, and sees results in roughly an hour and a half;
  • At home-whitening: Trays are worn for some of the day or night, gently whitening the teeth over several days.

Your dentist will assess the type of staining you have and recommend the best option for you.

More than teeth

While dentists restore and maintain the health of your teeth, technology has allowed for an increasing amount of treatments that improve both the health and aesthetics of your teeth.

For those of you thinking, if I can improve the appearance of my teeth at the dentists, why can’t I go to the same practice to receive facial aesthetics in Camden? We hear you. At Ace Dental, we believe that we have the means to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, why not extend this to help people who feel insecure about their other features?

Facial Aesthetics in CamdenJust as our teeth show signs of wear overtime, so does our skin. Unwanted wrinkles can appear, but luckily, we can them less apparent. If you want to look softer and youthful, facial aesthetics in Camden may be the option for you.


Botox is a non-surgical producer. We use botulinum toxin type A, which is injected into the skin to relax the small muscles in the face and blocks the nerve impulses. The treatment is quick, and usually takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Botox is used to treat unwanted wrinkles such as frown lines on the forehead, crow’s feet that appear around the corner of the eyes, forehead lines and lines forming around the mouth and top lip, known as smoker’s lines.

Results can be seen within one week. It’s important to note that Botox is not a permanent solution and will require you popping back to see us for a top up roughly every three months.

Dermal fillers

An alternative solution for those looking to receive facial aesthetics in Camden, is dermal fillers. These plump up the wrinkles in the skin, using a sterile hyaluronic gel made from non-animal sources.

The skin is topped up with hyaluronic acid, which the face produces less of as we age, to create a more youthful, fuller look in the face. It can also be used to plump up the lips.

Again, the injections can be done in a few minutes. We will probably use a local anaesthetic to minimise the pain. Results can usually be seen straight away. Dermal fillers can last between 6-12 months.

Improve your oral health with dental implants in Camden

Since their introduction into dentistry a few decades ago, dental implants have improved the dental health of millions of patients worldwide. These small and versatile titanium posts, which replace tooth roots, have ameliorated the quality of life of patients with missing teeth, since they provide a sturdy and strong foundation onto which replacement teeth can be mounted successfully.

Dental Implants in CamdenAt Ace Dental, we have been using dental implants in Camden for years with success. Whether you wish to replace one or multiple missing teeth, or you want to stabilise your ill-fitting dentures, then it is worth considering dental implants. Some patients tend to be anxious about implant surgery, yet if you are considering this treatment you owe it to yourself to learn more about it. Our helpful team is here to answer all your questions and guide you through the treatment.

Dental implants protect your jawbone

Dental implants in Camden are not only about aesthetics. Their most important advantage compared to other tooth replacement solutions is that they protect the density of the jawbone and prevent its deterioration.

As soon as you start losing teeth, the bone that held these teeth in place will start to deteriorate, since it will stop receiving appropriate stimulation. Without the tooth root to stimulate the jawbone, the latter will gradually shrink and weaken. As well as this, the rest of the teeth can start moving around inside the mouth and further tooth loss may occur.

Dental implants are embedded directly in the jawbone to replace the missing tooth roots. Once they heal properly, stimulation between the tooth roots and the jawbone is restored. This has a positive impact on your oral health and your quality of life.

Dental implants protect your gums

Our gums are more delicate and sensitive than we may think. If gum disease is to blame for your tooth loss, you are more likely to experience it in the future if you do not replace your missing teeth. Gaps in your smile are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause gum disease, infection and abscesses. Having dental implants to replace your missing teeth can make your oral hygiene much simpler and ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthier for longer.

Is it possible to have fixed braces in Camden that are discreet?

Fixed braces often invoke images of children or teenagers with unattractive metal brackets and wires. Truth is that metal braces are very effective in aligning the teeth in their proper position and braces can prevent a lot of oral problems from developing. However, modern dentistry has more than metal to offer. If the idea of metal braces makes you feel image-conscious, then you may wish to consider discreet braces.

At Ace Dental, you can enjoy the benefits of fixed braces in Camden without compromising your appearance. Our dental practice offers Six Month Smiles and lingual braces, both of which are safe and effective. While each of these braces target different problems and cannot be used by everyone, they share a common trait – they are much less noticeable. This way you can continue smiling without anyone knowing that you are undergoing treatment.

Braces in CamdenSix Month Smiles

Unlike regular braces that are made of metal parts directly glued on your teeth, Six Month Smiles brackets are made of clear ceramic and the wires are tooth-coloured. This treatment targets the front teeth and is ideal for patients with minor alignment issues. They are comfortable to wear and they do not move your tooth roots like regular braces. As a result, treatment time is reduced significantly and you can enjoy your new smile within six months or less. Six Month Smiles braces in Camden are the best solution for patients who are getting ready for a significant life event such as a wedding, since the treatment process is quick, simple and straightforward.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces have been around for many years but they only gained popularity in recent years due to them being hidden behind the teeth and capacity to treat complex problems. As their name suggests, these braces are glued to the back of the teeth. Unlike regular braces which are standard, lingual braces in Camden are customised to fit behind each tooth. Lingual braces are entirely discreet and can help with any misalignment problems as well as complex bite problems.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a discreet fixed brace treatment, which really deliver results, then you should contact our friendly dental team.

Professional teeth whitening in Camden – is it worth it?

Teeth whitening is a quick and relatively low-cost dental treatment that has gained popularity in recent years due to media exposure. Today, teeth whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments and more and more people are motivated to brighten their smile in order to look like fresh and healthy.

Teeth whitening can be performed at home through various DIY remedies available over the counter or in the dentist’s chair. As a general rule, all unmonitored treatments come with certain risks, whether it be a health or other issue. Most over-the-counter products promise quick and impressive results, yet they are not always safe. Professional teeth whitening in Camden, on the other hand, is performed in a controlled environment by our experienced dentists at Ace Dental.

Teeth Whitening in CamdenWhat does professional teeth whitening entail?

Professional teeth whitening is performed always under the supervision of a dentist, who uses specially formulated, customised whitening agents to ensure that your teeth get whiter up to the inner level. Unlike over-the-counter products that target the very surface of the tooth enamel, clinically formulated whitening agents penetrate the tooth enamel and reach the dentin, ensuring that your teeth are properly bleached.

Teeth whitening in Camden can be performed either in the dentist’s chair or at home. At Ace Dental, we use high-quality, tried and trusted whitening products such as Enlighten, Zoom! and Boutique Whitening. Our dentists will assess your type of staining and suggest the best possible treatment.

If you opt for power whitening in the dentist’s chair, we will apply the whitening solution directly on your teeth and help it activate with a special light. After an hour or so, you can leave our practice with a brighter smile.

Home whitening under the supervision of an experienced dentist is equally simple, yet requires more time. Your dentist will provide customised whitening trays that you will have to wear along with whitening gel for a few hours every day. You will be able to see results after two weeks or so.

Safety first

All whitening treatments offered at Ace Dental are very safe and can be performed even on patients with sensitive teeth.

Facial aesthetics at your dentist

Once you reach the best aesthetic result for your teeth, you might be tempted to improve the appearance of the rest of your face. Often, a dentists are trained to use facial aesthetics in order to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles created by age, smoking, sun exposure and other environmental factors.

Facial Aesthetics in CamdenAt Ace Dental, we have incorporated facial aesthetics in Camden with other dental treatments in our dental practice for patients who wish to have many cosmetic treatment options. In recent years, more and more dental practices in the UK offer facial aesthetics to patients who wish to rejuvenate their skin and take years off their face. Our dental practice has managed to integrate non-surgical facial aesthetics in Camden successfully.

Why should dental practices offer facial aesthetics?

Apart from keeping existing patients who may leave for other dentists offering facial aesthetics, there are many reasons why dentists should perform facial aesthetics. Unlike most health professionals, dentists have received extensive training in the area of the face and the mouth and know how to use injections precisely and effectively. Moreover, dentists have very high manual dexterity and a fine eye for detail. They are also prepared to manage adverse effects such as sensitivity, pain and swelling.

Our services

Facial aesthetics in Camden include Botox and dermal fillers. These treatments are designed to tone down the effect of fine lines and wrinkles, but they work differently. Botox simply deactivates the facial muscles that are responsible for the creation of wrinkles in the first place, whereas dermal fillers are injected directly into wrinkles and fine lines, as their name suggests. Botox is a purified toxin, whereas dermal fillers are made of different materials such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both treatments are injected into various areas in the face where wrinkles and fine lines tend to form (i.e. forehead, corners of the mouth, eyes).

The injections take only a few minutes and are administered after local anaesthetic has been applied onto the skin. Botox can last up to six months, whereas dermal fillers can last up to a year, depending on their quality and concentration.

The dental implants story

The story of dental implants from a patient’s perspective starts with missing teeth or teeth that are deteriorating and cannot be saved. They are looking to start a new chapter in their lives with a full smile from Ace Dental in Camden. Dental implants are used to restore smiles and close the gap between the dream of a complete set of teeth and the reality.

Are you sitting comfortably?

When you start the dental implants journey, we want you to be really comfortable with the process. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be. That’s why we share all the necessary treatment details with you. On top of these, we can give you more details and show you equipment if that’s what you’d like.

Dental Implants CamdenBefore we begin…

If you need any dental work to ensure that your oral environment is ready for implants, we can talk to you about this once we are aware of it. This usually happens after your first consultation. If might be something relatively simple, like the extraction of old teeth, or it could involve a more extensive procedure, like a bone graft.

The whole story

Dental implants involve minor surgery, which can be carried out at Ace Dental. This is where the dentist fits the implants so that the body can begin to accept them. The latter occurs during healing at home as the bone knits around the titanium base of each implant. During this period, there are various guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that this process is undisturbed.

A happy ending

The end of the story for over 95% of patients is a fully functioning, gleaming set of new teeth that can be used for all the same tasks as their natural ones. You visit the practice for follow-up appointments where we keep an eye on your progress. You also need to keep coming back for regular check-ups every six months or so. This is recommended for everyone but, to enjoy a happily-ever-after with dental implants, it is doubly important. Something like gum disease can turn a fairy tale ending into a tragedy when it comes to dental implants.

Had enough of that missing tooth?

If you had a front tooth knocked out when you were a kid, chances are that, as an adult, you have had enough of having to continually replace your prosthetic dental device. All those trips to the dentist just for one lost tooth. All that smiling and hoping no one knows it’s not real. All those explanations to the people you wanted to kiss that actually you’ve got a tooth missing and there’s a plate or bridge holding your false one in place.

Well if you can’t stand it anymore, now is the time to get it replaced with dental implants in Camden at Ace Dental. Imagine this – if you had a dental implant put in and you took care of it really well, you could forget about that irritating lost tooth for the rest of your life. If you are young – say in your 20s –  that could be another five or six decades. Surely that is worth the investment.

Dental Implants in CamdenThe dental implant process

To begin the process, we start off by having a really good look at your jawbone and making sure it is in good enough shape to sustain the forces created by chewing and biting with dental implants in Camden. If it is, we can go ahead with surgery. If not, there are various things we can do, such as bone grafts, to build the bone back up.

Surgery for dental implants in Camden

As there are few nerves in the jawbone, all you need is a local anaesthetic. However, if you are anxious, you can also have sedation to relax you. Once you are anaesthetised, we cut a flap in your gum before drilling a socket into your jawbone and inserting the implant.

Healing time

It will take between three and six months for the completion of the all-important process of osseointegration. This is where the bone grows around the implant to hold it securely in place. For this, you need to be patient.

Putting on your crown

Your new crown is hand-crafted to blend in with the rest of your teeth in size, shape and colour. We attach it to your dental implant with a connecting component called an abutment.