Gosh, you look tired

Are you hearing that a lot lately? If you are and yet you are not tired, it may be that time is catching up with your face and parts of it are starting to hollow out and sag and wrinkle, which can make people look more tired than they really are.

Facial-Aesthetics-in-CamdenIf you take a good look in the mirror and can see places where wrinkles are getting deeper, then it may be time to think about investing in facial aesthetics. In Camden, at Ace Dental, we offer both Botox and dermal fillers – two different ways to brighten up your face.

Wrinkles in the top third of your face

Botox is brilliant for smoothing away wrinkles in the top part of your face. These are the wrinkles that have been produced by using different muscles too much.

If you are a frowner, we can smooth away the wrinkles between your brows. If you are a worrier, then the ones across your forehead may need help. Or, heaven forbid, you like smiling and laughing, then you’ve probably got a few wrinkles around the edges of your eyes that we can iron out.

All of these are held in place by muscles in habitual contraction but injecting them with Botox temporarily paralyses the muscles. It only takes a few minutes to do, and, over the next few days, the wrinkle smooths away, leaving you looking fresher and more youthful. Botox treatments last up to four months, so we recommend coming for a top-up treatment after three months.

From the eyes downward

This is where we tend to use another kind of facial aesthetics in Camden: dermal fillers, which are injections of gel containing hyaluronic acid. The body naturally produces this acid to retain moisture, but levels drop off after age 30. We put dermal fillers in places that need a bit of filling out. It may be the wrinkles around your mouth, those smokers’ lines or the naso-labial folds, or hollows that need plumping out. This is also a very quick treatment; it takes only minutes, but the effects can last for up to a year.

To find out more about facial aesthetics in Camden, why not come in for a consultation?

Dust off your smile

It’s that time of year when we all feel the urge to have a go through our dusty houses and brighten things up. But as you are gazing at your walls thinking they are looking a bit scuffed and marked and wondering whether they could do with a freshen up, take a look in the mirror too. Give yourself a great big grin and ask yourself if your smile couldn’t do with brightening up too. It’s easy to do, just book yourself in with us at Ace Dental for teeth whitening in Camden.

The stain gang

Teeth Whitening in CamdenTeeth get discoloured over the years, thanks to a bunch of things we eat and drink, like tea and coffee, red wine and dark berries. They all leave behind tiny traces of their time in our mouths, and those traces work their way into the enamel of our teeth. Enamel is porous you see, and once the stains are in, all the brushing in the world won’t get them out again. But taking time to get teeth whitening in Camden will, and you’ll never look back.

Chill out, brighten up

If you are a busy person, the best way to get your teeth whitened is to come into see us at Ace Dental and spend an hour chilling out. While you relax, we put protective barriers over your lips and gums, and then paint whitening gel onto your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide, a safe whitener, will lift stains out of your teeth.

At home, take your time

If you’d prefer to be in charge of your teeth whitening process, we can supply you with a kit to do the whitening yourself at home. We’ll give you a milder whitening gel and make you a pair of tooth trays to fit your teeth exactly. You just pop the gel into the trays and put them over your teeth for a short period each day. It takes two to three weeks to lighten your teeth.

White forever

Once you have a pair of trays, you can top up your whitening whenever you need to. If you start with in-clinic whitening, you can purchase top-up trays.

Teeth whitening in Camden couldn’t be easier.

What do you want from your new teeth?

If you have never lost teeth before and are faced with getting new ones, you may be wondering which kind of replacement teeth to go for and how much the various kinds differ in what they have to offer. At Ace Dental, we can help you go through your various options and find the one that works best for you. What we are seeing at our clinic is that more and more people are opting to have new teeth attached to dental implants. In Camden, the rise in popularity of dental implants is impressive and their use has reached a tipping point throughout the country.

dental-implants-in-camdenMaybe that’s because it’s the baby boomer generation who are now getting their teeth replaced, rather than their parents. Gone are the days of ‘put up and shut up’ and now the seniors are increasingly made up of people who are used to innovation and to having things that work properly. Maybe you are one of them. Maybe you are even younger. Whatever age you are, you are probably considering getting dental implants in Camden to replace your lost teeth.

Most people hang onto their teeth for longer these days, so if you have lost a tooth, it may well be just a single tooth you are looking to replace. That’s a good idea, and easily done with dental implants in Camden.

Stop the topple

When you lose teeth, and do nothing to replace them, the neighbouring teeth can, over time, topple into the gap and even fall out. Having something there in the gaps stops this happening. You can have crowns on a bridge, a partial denture or a dental implant to prevent this problem.

Impede the recede

Another thing that happens when a tooth is gone is that jawbone surrounding the now-empty socket starts to dissolve itself and the gum recedes. The only tooth replacement method that prevents this is dental implants. It may not seem such a big deal if you have only lost one tooth, but if more go, you may find that replacing them with implants requires extra treatment to rebuild your dissolved bone.

The best way to find out more is to come in and have a chat.

An investment for your smile

If you think that getting straight teeth with braces in Camden is purely a matter of vanity and that’s making you wonder if you dare spend that much money on something so trivial, you’ll be interested to know that you’ve got teeth straightening all wrong.

Wonky teeth and misaligned jaws

Braces in CamdenEven though, the dental profession can tend to describe some kinds of braces in Camden as cosmetic braces, this is not true. It’s just that some braces work on just the alignment of the teeth, and are called cosmetic, and those that work on correcting the alignment of the bite are seen as something more connected to health. If your upper and lower jaws don’t meet together properly this is going to make it much harder to eat and speak properly, whereas if you have wonky teeth, their alignment isn’t going to make all that much different to eating and speaking.

Straightening even mildly wonky teeth can make a difference in other areas however, even if the braces used to straighten them are described as cosmetic.

Oral hygiene

Straighter teeth are much easier to keep clean. You can get in there with the brush and floss and remove plaque. When your teeth are wonky, plaque removal is much harder, and this film of bacteria can build up and give off acids that lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Your teeth are going to last a whole lot longer if they are straight and plaque has nowhere to hide.


Never underestimate the importance of self-confidence, or how much having a great smile contributes to that. Smiling is also a trigger to release the body’s natural happiness chemicals, so it helps you to feel great.

When you feel good about yourself, that confidence radiates out in the way you go through life. People respond to your warm, friendly smile and your path through life’s obstacles somehow smooths out, bringing you new friends and helpful encounters with others.

Our braces in Camden

Here at Ace Dental, we have braces to suit everyone, including a range of fast-acting and discreet braces that make teeth straightening so much more appealing for busy adults who need to project a good image in their jobs.

Discreet orthodontics in Camden for a healthy and beautiful smile

Many people are afraid to show their smile because of crooked and unattractive teeth. Luckily, dentistry has evolved considerably over the years and patients can now achieve a beautiful and healthy smile with the help of discreet orthodontics.

At Ace Dental in Camden, we appreciate the social consequences that can occur from having unattractive teeth. Yet, image-conscious teenagers and adults are reluctant to wear bulky metal brackets and wires. For this reason, many patients choose alternative orthodontic treatments for a more discreet and healthy way to achieve a beautiful smile around the average cost of conventional braces.

Orthodontics in CamdenInvisalign

Invisalign is an innovative alternative to traditional braces. Unlike regular metal braces that are attached to the teeth and cause pain and discomfort, Invisalign clear aligners are removable and allow patients to clean their teeth and eat their favourite foods without restriction. Treatment with Invisalign begins with a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate. After approval, 3D images of your mouth are taken and sent to the Invisalign laboratory in order to create a set of aligners that are custom-made for you. Every 7-10 days a new aligner is provided and the teeth gradually move into their correct position.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are completely invisible when you smile because they are hidden behind the teeth. These braces are customised to match the shape and curve of your teeth and make a viable option for professionals who wish to straighten their teeth discreetly.

Tooth-coloured braces

Unlike traditional metal braces, tooth-coloured braces are less visible, since they are made to blend with the rest of the teeth. Tooth-coloured braces work just like metal braces but do so much less obviously, thanks to their ceramic (or clear) brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

The Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance, designed to correct adult relapse and moderately misaligned teeth. This orthodontic treatment is barely visible, apart from a single clear wire. The Inman Aligner uses a lingual coil spring that puts pressure on the back teeth and a bar that is placed on the front teeth. These work together by pushing and pulling the teeth into alignment.

A smoother you

If you would rather keep people guessing about your age and get rid of that tired look that comes creeping on as the years go by then facial aesthetics in Camden are treatments to help you smooth out the appearance of the passage of time on your face.

We offer facial aesthetics in Camden at Ace Dental because we like to treat the whole face. It makes sense if you’ve invested in a lovely smile that it be set against a beautiful, youthful framework. Modern advances in treating wrinkles, lines and hollows around the face and neck means you can have a younger look without resorting to permanent and expensive surgical procedures.

Facial Aesthetics in CamdenWe have two treatments that work separately but can also be combined to give great results, and neither has the finality of surgery.


Botox is a facial aesthetics treatment that uses a purified form of the botulinum type A toxin. When we inject this gel into fine lines and wrinkles, it works on the muscles that control the wrinkles. Over the next seven days, the Botox will paralyse the muscle, relaxing it and smoothing out the wrinkle. This type of treatment works particularly well on frown lines, crow’s feet, worry lines, and smokers’ lines around the top lip. The effects last for about four months and can be topped-up every three months or so.

Dermal fillers

This treatment with facial aesthetics in Camden works by plumping out lines and hollows. We do this by injecting natural filling agents, such as hyaluronic acid made from non-animal sources, under the skin. The body produces its own hyaluronic acid, and it’s used to retain moisture in the skin cells. This is what gives youthful skin that plump and dewy look. But we produce less and less of it after about the age of 30, and this is why skin loses its glow as people age. We recommend using this facial aesthetics treatment on lines around the mouth, lips and neck, as well as on the hands. Treatments last from 6-12 months.

Facial aesthetics in Camden are a great way to set off a new smile created with braces or other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Contact us to find out more.

Sparkle up!

Fancy putting a bit more sparkle into your life? Well now that glitter is officially very bad for the environment, along with every other kind of single-use plastic, how about putting the sparkle somewhere you can use it over and over again? In your mouth, with teeth whitening in Camden.

Here at Ace Dental, we can never quite get over just how much teeth whitening in Camden can transform our patients’ smiles, and how that goes onto brighten them up all over from the inside as they use their smiles more. We love to see the change that comes over people when they know they have a great smile, and we’d love to see it on you too.

Teeth Whitening in CamdenSo, if you want to bring a bit of sparkle into your life every day, we have two ways you can get teeth whitening in Camden.


If you want to get your teeth whitened with minimum effort and then just get on with your life, then you need to come into the clinic for treatment. You lie back and relax while we cover your lips and gums with a protective barrier, and then paint whitening gel onto your teeth. The gel is activated by a UV lamp and it takes about an hour to go several shades lighter. You can choose how light you want to go.


If you’d rather save a bit of money and have more autonomy over your treatment then you need our special take-home whitening kit. For this, we need to make you a bespoke set of gel trays that fit exactly to your teeth. We take impressions with dental putty and then make the trays. You fill them with whitening gel (a weaker formula than the in-clinic gel) and wear the trays for a short period every day. It takes a couple of weeks for the gel to lift out the stains from your teeth.

Keeping your whites white

Whitening isn’t permanent, so avoid staining substances like tea, coffee and red wine, and brush after every meal to preserve your white teeth for as long as possible. If you have the take-home kit, you can buy top-up gel to keep your smile in full sparkle.

Are dental implants purely cosmetic?

The quick answer is no. In fact, they play an important role in maintaining good jawbone health. What you really need to understand is why.

Take a moment to imagine a toothless, gummy smile. It’s easy to think that this is the product of long-term neglect and poor dental hygiene. However, did you know that this could happen as the knock on effect of just one missing tooth? Luckily here at Ace Dental in Camden, dental implants are something we know a thing or two about.

Dental Implants in CamdenJawbones have a tendency to deteriorate without the stimulation of tooth roots. Teeth themselves actually allow jawbones to maintain their healthy density. Scientists have in fact proven that the stimulation of day-to-day chewing keeps our jawbone tissue strong. This spells bad news when teeth are lost.

What happens when you lose a tooth?

Lack of stimulation to the bone surrounding a lost tooth will result in a reduction of bone density with terrible knock on effects. Once this happens, neighboring teeth are often put at increased risk of deterioration, misplacement and are likely to follow the fate of their missing partner. Without proper dental attention one missing tooth can lead to two, which can lead to four. You can see the pattern here.

How can you prevent the dreaded gummy smile?

Luckily having dental implants in Camden can help prevent the downward slope towards a toothless smile. Dental implants can actually halt bone loss in your jawbone.

Small, titanium, screw-shaped implants are surgically embedded at the site of your missing tooth. Titanium has the amazing ability to work with your body. It encourages the surrounding bone to naturally bond with the new implant, fusing together as one. The implant then mimics the missing tooth, stimulating the surrounding bone with your natural daily chewing.

This secures the implant in place and with proper care and maintenance, means it can last you a lifetime.

At Ace Dental in Camden, dental implants are a great choice for tooth replacement. Let our experienced team give you the advice and treatment you need to keep a youthful, confident smile. Call us today to book an assessment.

The magic of Invisalign

Gone are the days of unsightly teeth straightening solutions here at Ace Dental in Camden. Braces conjure up an image of ugly metal tracks for most people. These traditional braces were not only unattractive but often also painful to wear. The metal wires were permanently stuck onto teeth for months, and possibly years at a time, causing the wearer plenty of discomfort and unwanted attention.

Forget train tracks

Braces in CamdenInvisalign is a totally different type of braces in Camden. Also known as clear braces, they are a modern alternative to the old style of metal braces or ‘train tracks’. Getting your teeth straight may still take some months. However, the good news is that you no longer have to face unsightly metal wires. No more painful permanent metal fixtures that rub holes into your cheeks.

How does Invsialign work?

Innovative 3D printing technology now allows for a brighter, more comfortable way to straighten your teeth using transparent resin trays. These trays are 0.3mm thick, and as the name implies, are transparent. They are created to fit perfectly over your teeth with no uncomfortable parts sticking into your delicate gums or cheeks. What’s more, you may find that these almost invisible braces go totally unnoticed by friends or colleagues. And even though you do need to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day, you can take them out for an hour or two for a very special occasion.

One of the fantastic things about Invisalign is that the transparent alignment trays are removable. You can take the trays out to enjoy their meals and for flossing and brushing their teeth.

Is Invisalign for me?

Invisalign works wonders for people who have common cosmetic dental alignment problems. This could be minor bite issues, slightly crooked teeth, small gaps, etc. For those who have more severe alignment problems, alternatives will need to be assessed.

Call in and find out more

Our patients here at Ace Dental have the opportunity to take advantage of Invisalign braces in Camden. You can too by visiting us for a consultation appointment. Why not find out if Invisalign is right for you? Join us for an assessment and let us help you achieve a better smile.

The wonders of Botox

Did you know that people who take advantage of the youthful effects of Botox could also have the pleasure of experiencing fewer migraines? Studies suggest that Botox reduces migraines when injected into the forehead, neck and shoulders. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense as Botox essentially releases tension in the muscles. Let’s face it though, Botox’s main appeal lies in giving your face a lift! At Ace Dental in Camden, we have just what you need to achieve great results with facial aesthetics.

Facial aesthetics in CamdenA fact of life

As we age, our bodies produce less of the vital components we need to keep skin in a youthful, glowing condition. Yes, it’s a shame, but at least we know what to expect. The great news is that we also know how to deal with these visually disheartening facts of life. This is where dentists administering facial aesthetics in Camden can help. If you suffer with excess creases, fine lines or wrinkles you qualify for Botox or dermal filler injections.

Here at Ace Dental in Camden, facial aesthetics treatments include dermal fillers and Botox. Both are great options if you want to sport a youthful, glowing look. Botox works by relaxing the muscles of the face to achieve results, whilst dermal fillers work by plumping areas of skin that have lost vital elements such as collagen, fat and hyaluronic acid.

Knife or needle?

Why go through the long recovery times and discomfort of plastic surgery when a regular course of injections to do the trick very nicely? Both Botox and dermal filler procedures are relatively quick, non-invasive, non- surgical and can be administered by a dentist in practices such as such as Ace Dental in Camden. Facial aesthetics couldn’t be easier!

Give us a call and find out more

All you need to do is call and book a consultation appointment to discuss your options, expectations and goals. Then, if the facial aesthetic options match you can book an appointment. During treatment you can expect to receive a number of injections using fine needles to keep pain to a minimum.