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30 March 2018

A smoother you

If you would rather keep people guessing about your age and get rid of that tired look that comes creeping on as the years go by then facial aesthetics in Camden are treatments to help you smooth out the appearance of the passage of time on your face.

We offer facial aesthetics in Camden at Ace Dental because we like to treat the whole face. It makes sense if you’ve invested in a lovely smile that it be set against a beautiful, youthful framework. Modern advances in treating wrinkles, lines and hollows around the face and neck means you can have a younger look without resorting to permanent and expensive surgical procedures.

We have two treatments that work separately but can also be combined to give great results, and neither has the finality of surgery.


Botox is a facial aesthetics treatment that uses a purified form of the botulinum type A toxin. When we inject this gel into fine lines and wrinkles, it works on the muscles that control the wrinkles. Over the next seven days, the Botox will paralyse the muscle, relaxing it and smoothing out the wrinkle. This type of treatment works particularly well on frown lines, crow’s feet, worry lines, and smokers’ lines around the top lip. The effects last for about four months and can be topped-up every three months or so.

Dermal fillers

This treatment with facial aesthetics in Camden works by plumping out lines and hollows. We do this by injecting natural filling agents, such as hyaluronic acid made from non-animal sources, under the skin. The body produces its own hyaluronic acid, and it’s used to retain moisture in the skin cells. This is what gives youthful skin that plump and dewy look. But we produce less and less of it after about the age of 30, and this is why skin loses its glow as people age. We recommend using this facial aesthetics treatment on lines around the mouth, lips and neck, as well as on the hands. Treatments last from 6-12 months.

Facial aesthetics in Camden are a great way to set off a new smile created with braces or other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Contact us to find out more.

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