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21 February 2018

A youthful grin

Everyone knows that cheeky smile of youth. It’s got lovely white teeth and is often accompanied by a laugh that denotes the sheer joy of being alive. The two somehow go together. See a set of yellowish teeth and you tend to think more of resignation, depression and being old. No wonder that in Camden, teeth whitening is the number one cosmetic dentistry treatment: it gives an instant boost to your smile, subtly letting everyone know that you still love life and are young enough to enjoy it to the max.

When you to come to us at Ace Dental for teeth whitening in Camden, we can offer you a choice of ways to get your treatment. If you are having your teeth whitened for a special event, or you don’t have much spare time at your disposal, then you probably want the in-clinic treatment. If you want a more leisurely approach to teeth whitening, with the added bonus of trays for doing your own top-up treatments, then maybe the at-home treatment is for you.

In-clinic treatment

Having us do your treatment for you takes about an hour out of your day. You lie back and relax in the dental chair and we protect your lips and gums with a plastic barrier. The gel is safe. It contains hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent in use for about 200 years. However, it can be an irritant, hence the protection. We paint the gel on your teeth and activate it with a UV lamp. It takes about an hour to whiten your teeth by several shades.

At-home treatment

We take impressions of your teeth from which me make gel trays that fit you exactly. At home, you fill these with a milder version of the gel we use in-house. You wear the gel-filled trays on your teeth for a short period every day. It takes two to three weeks to get the results you want, depending on the degree of discolouration to start with. Plus, you can hang onto the trays and give yourself a top-up treatment as necessary.

To find out more about teeth whitening in Camden, why not call for a chat? We’d love to hear from you.

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