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11 April 2018

An investment for your smile

If you think that getting straight teeth with braces in Camden is purely a matter of vanity and that’s making you wonder if you dare spend that much money on something so trivial, you’ll be interested to know that you’ve got teeth straightening all wrong.

Wonky teeth and misaligned jaws

Even though, the dental profession can tend to describe some kinds of braces in Camden as cosmetic braces, this is not true. It’s just that some braces work on just the alignment of the teeth, and are called cosmetic, and those that work on correcting the alignment of the bite are seen as something more connected to health. If your upper and lower jaws don’t meet together properly this is going to make it much harder to eat and speak properly, whereas if you have wonky teeth, their alignment isn’t going to make all that much different to eating and speaking.

Straightening even mildly wonky teeth can make a difference in other areas however, even if the braces used to straighten them are described as cosmetic.

Oral hygiene

Straighter teeth are much easier to keep clean. You can get in there with the brush and floss and remove plaque. When your teeth are wonky, plaque removal is much harder, and this film of bacteria can build up and give off acids that lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Your teeth are going to last a whole lot longer if they are straight and plaque has nowhere to hide.


Never underestimate the importance of self-confidence, or how much having a great smile contributes to that. Smiling is also a trigger to release the body’s natural happiness chemicals, so it helps you to feel great.

When you feel good about yourself, that confidence radiates out in the way you go through life. People respond to your warm, friendly smile and your path through life’s obstacles somehow smooths out, bringing you new friends and helpful encounters with others.

Our braces in Camden

Here at Ace Dental, we have braces to suit everyone, including a range of fast-acting and discreet braces that make teeth straightening so much more appealing for busy adults who need to project a good image in their jobs.

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