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6 January 2017

Botox and dermal fillers –facial aesthetics in Camden

Refining your look at the dentist can now take on a whole new meaning with our facial aesthetics in Camden at Ace Dental. We have added this great opportunity to our range of cosmetic treatments to allow our patients to make the choice to enhance the area around their smile as well.

Your dentist is the perfect candidate for administering treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. They have already trained for many years in treating this area of the body. They will also have experience in integrating a cosmetic treatment into the overall look of the face so that it appears natural and well-balanced.

What can they do?

Botox and dermal fillers are two treatment that are used to smooth out wrinkles in the face, but they work in different ways.

Botox temporarily relaxes muscles in your face so that they no longer form wrinkles. This means it is effective in areas where the lines are caused by the repeated formation of certain facial expressions. Typically it is administered on the forehead, between the eyebrows or around the mouth.

Dermal fillers plump up areas of the face by various methods. One example might be where a dermal filler product has the natural effect of drawing more molecules of water to the site. Each filler is different and your dentist will discuss the available products with you. The effect means that they are suitable for areas where static lines exists such as the nasolabial folds which run from your nose to your mouth.

What are the limitations?

In either case, the exact result is difficult to predict. Each person is different and, while the reaction of the body is fairly predictable, the outward appearance of this reaction is less so.

The body can become immune to the effects of some facial aesthetics products over time.

The results of Botox and dermal filler treatments are temporary. You will need to have them topped up from time to time. The time frame varies slightly from patient to patient. As a rough guide, Botox lasts for around three months while dermal fillers can last from six months to a year.

When you have facial aesthetics in Camden, we will talk you through all the options and make recommendations based on your expectations, needs and budget.

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