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19 July 2017

Braces make for better brushing

Keeping our teeth in healthy condition relies very heavily on careful and thorough brushing and flossing, twice a day, or even after every meal. Brushing and flossing stop the build-up of plaque, a sticky substance on which bacteria live. These bacteria give off an acid that eats into the enamel, compromising its ability to keep out the organisms that cause tooth decay.

Most people find brushing their teeth a bit of a chore, but it becomes even more so when the teeth are not well aligned. Teeth that are crowded together, cross over each other, or lean in or out are that much harder to keep clean. They are more likely to succumb to decay. Extraction is a potential fate for them and this leads to another host of problems associated with tooth loss.

These health issues are why so many people are choosing to have their teeth moved into a better position with braces in Camden at Ace Dental. Having treatment with braces in Camden not only improves the appearance of your teeth and the way they bite together, but also makes them teeth easier to clean.

Why choose braces?

At Ace Dental in Camden, braces are also used to improve an incorrect bite. Once the teeth bite together well, tooth damage is more easily avoided, as is strain on the jaw muscles, joint problems, and sometimes even headaches. Seeing children with braces in Camden has been pretty common for decades, but now adults are going for treatment too.

There are various kinds of braces these days, and at Ace Dental we will make a full examination of your teeth, taking x-rays and making plaster models of your teeth, before suggesting which would be the most appropriate.

Treatment takes from between a few months to two-and-a-half years or more. Most people can be treated in one to two years, depending on the severity of the issues. When the teeth are properly aligned, you will need to wear a retainer to hold them in place, while the surrounding gum and bone settles. Retainers can be removable or fixed, depending on the original problem.

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