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12 July 2017

Choose dental implants, choose freedom

When you lose a tooth, for whatever reason and at whatever age, you have to decide on the best way to replace it. Time was, your choice was between a bridge or dentures. These days more and more people are choosing to invest in dental implants in Camden to replace their teeth. Initially, dental implants appear to be more expensive than traditional bridges and dentures, but in the long-run, they can be better value. This is because dental implants can last your whole life, whereas dentures and bridges need to be replaced about every 7 years. Dental implants also do a better job, giving you back your freedom to chew, as well as providing something pearly white to smile with.

What’s involved?

When you come to Ace Dental for dental implants in Camden, you will be starting a journey that could take several months to complete. It begins with an initial consultation. We will do a full examination to understand the state of your mouth and jawbone. Implants need to go into healthy mouths, so we will need to sort out any other oral issues, including realigning your teeth if gaps have caused them to wander around in your jaw. We may also need to extract any failing teeth and then give you time to heal from the extractions.

Also, if your teeth have been missing for quite a while, your jawbone may no longer be strong enough to support dental implants. However, all is not lost. You can have bone tissue grafted into your jaw. This will then need a few months to integrate and grow. If the problem is with your upper jaw, we can insert extra long implants through the jawbone and into the dense cheekbone above.

Dental implants in Camden take about an afternoon to insert, under local anaesthetic. It involves drilling new channels into your jawbone and then inserting the implants. This sounds much worse than it is, but if you are nervous, you can have sedation, either inhaled or intravenous.

You will need a few weeks to months for the implants to become stable in your jaw, and then you come back to have your new custom-made crowns fitted.

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