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7 October 2016

Create an Ace smile

How would you rate your smile? Bad? Mediocre? OK? How about Ace? We understand that, according to The Oral Health Foundation, nearly half of the population (48%) is unhappy with their smile. One of the main reasons for this can be missing teeth.

Missing teeth can be caused by all sorts of things; smoking, dietary habits and is sometimes completely unavoidable, perhaps it was caused by an injury or is hereditary. Missing teeth can cause real problems with confidence, and also with biting, chewing or even speaking. Aesthetic problems can arise too. As a result of tooth loss, tissue begins to shrink, and can result in a sunken look to your face. Have you ever considered replacing those missing teeth in a safe, tried and tested way? Ace Dental is a leading provider of dental implants in Kentish Town.

Ace levels of care

From the moment you walk through the door of our friendly, modern, award-winning clinic, settle into one of our chairs and flick through a magazine, you will start to feel how much we care about our patients.

At our dental practice in Kentish Town, dental implants are at the very forefront of our focus. We employ the most up to date technology. Right from initial consultation and assessment of your needs, we use digital imaging to predict and produce an image of how you will look at the end of treatment. Throughout the process, our highly trained staff use the most advanced techniques to make the treatment as comfortable, cost-effective and convenient for you.

Our dental practitioners use their expert skills to replace missing teeth by placing permanent metal screws carefully into the jaw. We attach a false tooth or bridge on top of that. The result is a strong, natural-looking and long lasting effect. No more problems with biting, chewing or speaking. No more sunken face. And say hello to the improved confidence created by a wide smile.

So if you are looking for excellent service by highly trained staff, a modern and comfortable environment and top quality dental implants in Kentish Town, contact us at Ace Dental today and let’s take the first steps to make your smile Ace!

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