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9 January 2017

Dental implants at Ace Dental

Dental implants in Camden are the only dental restoration choice that preserves and stimulates the natural bone. This helps to stimulate bone growth and prevent any extra bone loss. Dental implants have recently become the one of the most requested treatments for adults in the UK.

The aesthetic appearance of your teeth is a major reason for dental implants in Camden. Not only do your teeth reclaim their natural appearance, but your face structure can too.No more sagging skin reducing the definition in your face.You can recover the beautiful smile you have been craving with dental implants in Camden.

Another major factor is the strength and resilience of dental implants. As they surgically become part of your jaw bone they provide a perfect join to your bone, enabling you to eat whatever you want without fear of them falling out.

Dental implants process

For your dental implants in Camden, we use a four-step process. This starts with your initial consultation. Your dental specialist will perform a thorough examination of your mouth,to determine the quality of your oral health, showing us what type of restoration you may need. The next step is the implant procedure, where the implant is embedded in your jawbone. Once in place, the area is then stitched up so that it can heal over a period of four to six months. This is the recovery element of your dental implants in Camden. This process is called osseointegration and is necessary for your implant being integrated into your oral anatomy. Only then will your crown or bridge be attached. If you look after your implant, it could last you a lifetime.

Why Ace Dental?

It is very important to choose the right dental professional for your dental implants in Camden. Reputation is an invaluable asset and here at Ace Dental we have an excellent reputation with all our clients both old and new.  We are exceptionally proud of the relationships we have with our patients and the care we give them. At Ace Dental, we take the time to calm any nerves our patients may have as well taking the time to get to know every one of our patient’s needs.

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