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28 October 2016

Dental implants to save unsightly gaps?

Having a missing tooth or several missing teeth can be a terrible thing to have to live with, and for many people it seriously impairs their ability to eat and speak correctly, their self confidence, and of course their appearance. Dental implants allow patients to have a full set of teeth again, smile with confidence, and reset their looks; no wonder it is a procedure that thousands of patients all over the country decide to have every year.

As well as the obvious problems you have to deal with by having missing teeth; there are many hidden physical problems too. After a tooth has fallen out, the jaw bone begins to ‘shrink’ and close up around the gap left behind. This is why many people who have lots of missing teeth can have a drawn appearance and ‘sucked-in’ features, making them to appear older than they are, not a good look!

At Ace Dental we understand that having a missing tooth can cause you unwanted stress and anxiety, which is why we encourage all patients who are interested, to come and meet our dentists, have a no obligation chat, and to see if they would be a suitable candidate for receiving dental implants. Kentish Town is home to many dental centres, but we hope you choose Ace Dental as the one you visit.

Dental implants are subtle and blend in with your remaining teeth. The dentist will also match the colour of the implant to the rest of your teeth, meaning it is virtually impossible to tell which one is the implant and which are your real teeth. You will be able to smile with confidence and show the world what a difference having dental implants has made to your life.

At Ace Dental in Kentish Town, dental implants are a procedure we have a lot of experience with, providing the service to our customers for many years. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service you can trust, in an atmosphere that will put even the most nervous of patients at ease. We are on hand to advise on all aspects of your oral care, not just the dental implants, so if ever you have a query, please feel free to call or drop us an email.

Get all the information you need on dental implants in Kentish Town, don’t delay – Call Ace Dental today!

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