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23 May 2018

Don’t wait too long to get dental implants in Camden

Whether your teeth are on their way out, or have hurriedly exited your mouth in an accident, you are probably pretty distressed about your situation. Sometimes that’s not a good time to make decisions that can affect the rest of your life. But, if you want to have dental implants in Camden, the sooner you look into getting them, the easier it will be procedure-wise.

The best thing to do is to book a consultation with us at Ace Dental so that we can take a good look at your mouth and also talk you through how dental implants work and what they offer in comparison with other tooth replacement methods, ie. dentures and fixed bridgework.

Don’t wait too long

The reason that we are keen that you investigate dental implants in Camden as soon as you can, is that things happen to your jawbone when you lose your teeth. The jawbone needs the stimulation provided by vibrations in the tooth roots to keep renewing the bone cells. Without that stimulation, the bone cells don’t just sit there being inactive, they start to dissolve themselves and, within a year after tooth loss, the jawbone can shrink in size and density by as much as 25%. It gets smaller and more spongey, and so fixing dental implants into it becomes harder. Rather like putting screws into a crumbling brick wall and expecting them to hold a heavy mirror in place, putting dental implants into a shrunken jaw is asking for trouble.

If your jawbone is good

It’s best to get on with having the dental implants fitted as soon as you can. Fitting them requires cutting a flap in the gum and drilling an artificial socket into the jawbone. The dental implants are tapped or screwed into place and then left for several weeks, so that the bone can grow around the implants to hold them firmly in place.

Once they are integrated with the jawbone, we can put on your crowns. Each implant can hold up to three crowns on a bridge, and we have ways to put a whole arch on as few as 2-4 dental implants in Camden.

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