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5 November 2018

Easy to use teeth straightening

Having braces treatment is becoming more and more important for many young adults, and perhaps you are one of them. You have wonky teeth but they weren’t so out of place that NHS treatment was available to you. Now, you are in a world where almost everyone you meet has a perfect smile and you are becoming ever more self-conscious about your twists and leans.

What’s putting you off getting your teeth straightened? Is it the idea of having braces cemented onto your teeth for months on end, making you look strange and making mealtimes and cleaning a hassle? If so, then come into us at Ace Dental and ask about removable appliances in Camden.

There are ways to straighten teeth that allow you to still be able to eat whatever you like and keep your toothbrushing routine. Let’s take a look at them here:

The Inman Aligner

This is a device that is designed for straightening your front teeth only. It has two spring-loaded aligner bows that go in front of and behind your teeth and use opposing forces to bring your teeth into alignment. Treatment takes only 6-18 weeks and you take your aligner out for eating and cleaning. The Inman Aligner can also be used as a retainer, which makes for a very cost-effective treatment.


Also known as aligners, these aren’t braces or spring-loaded bows, but a series of see-through plastic moulds that are very thin and fit perfectly over the teeth. Each one in the series has a slightly different set of pressure points inside it that use gentle pressure to move the teeth a tiny distance. You wear one after the other, each for about 7-10 days, until he pressure wears off, and then move onto the next one. You take the aligners out for eating and cleaning.

Quick Straight Teeth

QST has two kinds of removable appliances, one that is similar to the way Invisalign operates and the other to the way the Inman Aligner works.


All these removable appliances work very well as long as you maintain the discipline to wear them for the specified time each day.

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