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15 February 2017

Facial aesthetics in Camden in depth – Botox

When you choose facial aesthetics in Camden with Ace Dental, we want you to know all about your options so that, when you make your choice, you feel confident that it is right for you. While we offer you professional, in-depth guidance, the final decision is yours.

We talk you through all of our beauty treatments, how they differ and what they entail when you visit. The two main options are Botox and dermal fillers. Let’s focus on Botox here.

How it works

Botox is designed to relax targeted muscles in your face temporarily. If you make a few facial expressions while you are reading this, you become aware of how the muscles in your face help you to make them and how they create lines in your skin.

The main areas where Botox can help are between the brows, on the forehead and some areas around the lips. It cannot help in areas where muscles are not responsible for your lines. It also does not get rid of lines that are permanently visible regardless of what expression you make.

What will happen

Botox is injected directly into the face in your chosen area. When you have facial aesthetics in Camden, we will help you decide where you want to focus. The whole process lasts less than 30 minutes and it is relatively comfortable. Most patients find they are easily able to bear any sensation. The full effect develops over the next four to seven days.

How long will it last

The body will eventually restore the function of the muscles in your face. This allows you to choose whether you want the effect to continue by having another treatment. The exact length of time your Botox will last depends on your body’s response time. However, a good estimate is between four and six months. You can then have your next round.

It is advisable to leave decent intervals between treatments as, otherwise, your body begins to build up an immunity to the effects.

Botox can be combined with dermal filler treatments for a comprehensive makeover. Talk to one of our team at Ace Dental to see what you can achieve.

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