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5 December 2016

Fancy a bright white smile?

Are your teeth discolored due to eating particular foods and drinking certain beverages? Or perhaps you’re a smoker or have been in the past? Or maybe you just want to refresh your smile? If so, it sounds like teeth whitening could be just what you’re looking for. Teeth whitening treatments have been around for many years, however, technology has advanced soyou are able to receive white teeth in a more quick, effective and safe way than ever before.

What are your options?

Ace Dental offers two different kinds of treatments for teeth whitening in Camden. When you visit us at the surgery,an assessment is done to find out which option is most suitable for you. After the initial assessment, we will recommend either home whitening or a treatment at the practice.

If you choose home whitening, a custom fit mouth tray will be made for you. You add whitening gel to the mouth tray which you wear for a few hours each day or night until you get the desired result. The outcome of the at-home teeth whitening treatment entirely depends on the condition and colour of your teeth prior to the treatment.

The other option available for teeth whitening in Camden is Power whitening. Power whitening is performed at the clinic and it includes a more intensive whitening gel. The treatment lasts only 90 minutes. Perfect before that big night out!

In addition to teeth whitening, Camden clinic Ace Dental offers other cosmetic dentistry to those wanting to transform the aesthetic of their smile. Straighten out crooked or overcrowded teeth with Secret Smile. Secret Smile is a brace that’s fitted to the back of your teeth making it totally unnoticeable to others and allows you to go about your day as normal without any negative effects. Secret Smile really does do what it says on the tin!

If you think that Secret Smile or teeth whitening in Camden may be for you, or if any other cosmetic dentistry treatments take your fancy, contact Ace Dental to make a plan of action!

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