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29 March 2019

Get your chew back with dental implants in Camden

If you are an older adult, you may now be finding that your teeth are coming to the end of their useful life. As they fail, one by one, it will be getting harder and harder to chew your food. You may have already had to give up eating certain foods, such as meats or raw vegetables and fruits, which require a lot of chewing.

If you are reduced to a soft food diet and you want your chewing power back, then it’s time to investigate getting dental implants in Camden from us at Ace Dental.

Why choose dental implants in Camden?

What makes dental implants different from either dentures or fixed bridgework? They are the only replacement method that gives you back your full chewing power without compromising the integrity of your remaining teeth.

Dental implants are made up of 3 components. The actual implant bit is a post or screw that we insert into specially made channels that we carefully create in your jawbone. These posts are made of titanium, a metal well-known for its biocompatibility. This means that the body accepts the metal as its own rather than rejecting it as a foreign body. Your jawbone will grow new tissue all over the implant. This can take up to 6 months to achieve, but at the end, it will be held in place as securely as your natural teeth, giving you back your full chewing power.

The dental implant is hollow inside, with an internal thread. We screw a connecting piece, called an abutment into it. Which abutment we choose depends on what’s going on top of your implant. A dental implant can hold up to 3 crowns on a bridge. It can also be used to attach dentures to.

The crowns are made of dental porcelain. Our technicians will craft new crowns that blend in with the size, shape and colour of your remaining teeth. By the time you are good to go, no one will ever guess that your teeth are not your own. And you may well forget they aren’t too.

Sounds great. And it is. Do give us a call and come in for an exploratory chat.

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