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26 October 2018

Hallowe’en teeth?

As we hurtle through 2018, it can come as a bit of a shock to realise that half-term and Hallowe’en are only weeks away. Already it’s time to start thinking about trick or treating and what to wear for that Hallowe’en party. You went as a Zombie last year, but didn’t everyone? Who will you be this year? And what will you do if people think you are wearing Hallowe’en teeth when they are really your own?

Horrible thought and unlikely to happen, we agree, but staining creeps up on your teeth. One glass of red here, an espresso there, all laying down another layer of staining in the pores in your tooth enamel, where neither your toothbrush nor the hygienist can get at it. What you need is teeth whitening in Camden here at Ace Dental.

What is teeth whitening in Camden?

Teeth whitening works differently from brushes. Instead of trying to scrape out stains with bristles, it uses the action of hydrogen peroxide, a gentle cleaner and disinfectant, that has been used for a couple of centuries now to lift out stains. It gets into the pores and pushes the staining particles out.

Teeth whitening in Camden does not work on intrinsic discolouration. For that you will need to get a veneer or composite bonding to cover it over. But if your stains are surface stains, you are good to go, using one of 2 methods. With both we suggest you start with a deep clean from the hygienist so that the whitening gel can get straight to your teeth.

With us at the clinic

Once you have decided how white you want your teeth to be, we put coverings over your lips and gums. We paint on the whitening gel, and then activate it with a UV light. You get to chill out for about an hour and at the end, you walk out with fabulously white teeth.

At home

We make you some gel trays that fit your teeth exactly and you carry out the whitening at home over about a fortnight. This process is gentler because the gel is less concentrated.

Either way, come Hallowe’en, you’re more likely to be mistaken for Dracula than Frankenstein.

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