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4 November 2016

Imagine you’ve had a gap in your teeth that you’ve always hated

I’ve always had a fifty pence sized gap (I can actually fit a fifty pence width ways in between my two front teeth) in my teeth- right between my two front teeth, it’s symmetrical but I remember hating it as a child and especially as a teenager! I always wanted to wear braces to close up my gap but my mother would never take me to the dentist to get one fitted. Her reasoning – You don’t need a brace, you’re perfect as you are. Over the years, people commented on my gap; they called it “cute” or said I was “lucky” or better still “It’s fashionable, just like Madonna!” I was grateful for their positive comments but I still hated it. I wanted perfect teeth like the people I saw on TV, and I was thankful I didn’t have crooked teeth to top it all off. As I got older, the hate for my gap subsided, I would have still preferred to not have my gab but I learned to live with it, accepting it for what it was, plus there wasn’t a chance I was wearing a ‘Train Track’ brace in my twenties! I just had to embrace the fact that my teeth were never going to be like the perfect teeth I envied on film stars, it was what it was right

Oh how wrong I was

Browsing the internet one day I came across an advert for clear braces in Camden dental clinic, Ace dental. did I just read that correctly? can braces be ‘clear’? Well according to Ace Dental – yes they can! Ace dental offered me three different types of clear braces in Camden: Quick Straight Teeth, Inman Aligner and Invisalign. All three braces are clear (for discreetness) and removable (so they can be taken out when eating and brushing teeth). Perfect! I thought, I can have the gap-free smile I’ve always wanted without looking like an overgrown teenager with a mouth full of metal. what a time to be alive! So here I am, 2 months into my Invisalign treatment, knowing that in the not too distant future, I’ll have the teeth I always wanted thanks to clear braces in Camden.

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