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4 June 2018

Invisible braces in Camden – straight to your options

Getting braces as an adult is easier when you can choose options that fit in with your needs and lifestyle. If you need to be conscious of the way your smile looks for work or because of your social life, it’s good to know that invisible braces exist. Invisible braces are any teeth straightening method that is discreet or hidden once it is in place. They tend to be unobtrusive and either see-through or tooth-coloured.

At Ace Dental, we have lots of options when it comes to your invisible teeth straightening treatment. These can be divided into two categories – fixed and removable.

Fixed systems

Fixed invisible braces are attached to the teeth in the same way as traditional braces. The difference is that the wires and brackets blend in with the teeth so they are harder to spot from a distance. They stay in place for the duration of your treatment and they are periodically adjusted to ensure that they remain effective.

At Ace Dental, we offer our patients maximum choice so that, when you are selecting your teeth straightening system, you know you’re picking the one that is right for your needs. That’s why we carry many of the leading brands when it comes to fixed, invisible braces such as Quick Straight Teeth, Six Month Smiles and the Damon System.

Removable aligners

When you choose removable aligners, you are in control of your equipment and can remove it at any time. There are guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that you hit the minimum quota of hours that you are required to wear them so that they will be effective. Some aligners are made from very thin pieces of metal whereas others are clear plastic. Either way, they have a low impact on the appearance of your smile. You still need to visit the dentist for check-ups when you have removable aligners but each appointment will not be very long.

Removable invisible braces come in a number of formats and each is designed to suit different circumstances. That’s why, when you are choosing removable braces from Ace Dental, we can recommend Quick Straight Teeth, Inman Aligner or Invisalign depending on your circumstances.

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