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18 July 2018

Is it possible to have fixed braces in Camden that are discreet?

Fixed braces often invoke images of children or teenagers with unattractive metal brackets and wires. Truth is that metal braces are very effective in aligning the teeth in their proper position and braces can prevent a lot of oral problems from developing. However, modern dentistry has more than metal to offer. If the idea of metal braces makes you feel image-conscious, then you may wish to consider discreet braces.

At Ace Dental, you can enjoy the benefits of fixed braces in Camden without compromising your appearance. Our dental practice offers Six Month Smiles and lingual braces, both of which are safe and effective. While each of these braces target different problems and cannot be used by everyone, they share a common trait – they are much less noticeable. This way you can continue smiling without anyone knowing that you are undergoing treatment.

Six Month Smiles

Unlike regular braces that are made of metal parts directly glued on your teeth, Six Month Smiles brackets are made of clear ceramic and the wires are tooth-coloured. This treatment targets the front teeth and is ideal for patients with minor alignment issues. They are comfortable to wear and they do not move your tooth roots like regular braces. As a result, treatment time is reduced significantly and you can enjoy your new smile within six months or less. Six Month Smiles braces in Camden are the best solution for patients who are getting ready for a significant life event such as a wedding, since the treatment process is quick, simple and straightforward.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces have been around for many years but they only gained popularity in recent years due to them being hidden behind the teeth and capacity to treat complex problems. As their name suggests, these braces are glued to the back of the teeth. Unlike regular braces which are standard, lingual braces in Camden are customised to fit behind each tooth. Lingual braces are entirely discreet and can help with any misalignment problems as well as complex bite problems.

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