Is professional teeth whitening in Camden right for everyone?

If your teeth are yellow and discoloured you shouldn’t worry too much. Almost everyone experiences these symptoms at some point in the lives. Good news is that this effect can go away easily and safely with teeth whitening in Camden.

As we become older, our tooth enamel becomes thinner and this can make our teeth appear darker or more yellow. At Ace Dental, you can say goodbye to your discoloured teeth with professional teeth whitening in Camden. To find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, schedule a consultation appointment.

Teeth Whitening in CamdenIs there a way to know before I visit the dentist?

If your teeth are healthy and you don’t have any fillings or restorations, chances are that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening in Camden. Patients with gum disease or tooth sensitivity are more likely not to respond to treatment. Unfortunately, there is no safe way to tell if you can have teeth whitening in Camden without visiting us. This is because not everyone can have teeth whitening effectively.

If you:

  • are pregnant or lactating
  • have restorations and/or fillings
  • are underage
  • have untreated decay and cavities
  • have sensitive teeth and gums
  • are allergic to peroxide

chances are that you cannot have your teeth whitened with our teeth-whitening treatments. However, only a dentist can tell. Last but not least, we advise our patients not to have unrealistic smile goals. While some whitening treatments can deliver spectacular results, blinding-white is not a natural outcome of teeth whitening.

In-practice teeth whitening results vary

Typically, a visit to the dentist is your best opportunity to get a beautiful, whiter smile without compromising your oral health. At Ace Dental, we use both power whitening and home whitening, since we want our patients to have more options available. This being the case, not all whitening treatments work the same for different patients, since we have to take into consideration the initial state of your teeth and any oral health problems you may experience.

If you want to try teeth whitening in Camden, but you are not sure it’s the right solution for you, contact us today.