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4 January 2017

Let us make things clear about braces

When you visit Ace Dental, we want to do everything we can to help you gain clarity around your options when it comes to getting braces in Camden.

A happy patient is one who feels both in control and taken care of. We believe that feeling of security comes from a transparent flow of information from you about your needs and from us about what will happen and when.

Do you need braces?

Braces realign the teeth or bite in some fashion. They can also be used to move the teeth closer together. If you have a wonky line along the bottom of your teeth, a twisted tooth or a gap you feel is unsightly then braces in Camden can help with all of these.

Most of the time, braces are a cosmetic treatment for adults. Occasionally, someone might have a clinical need such as chronic pain due to a misaligned bite.

One of the solutions we offer at Ace Dental are clear aligners to correct mild to moderate issues with the teeth.

How do aligners work?

Aligners fit over the top of your teeth. They are made of dental-safe plastic and custom made to fit you and correct your issue. You will be able to see your teeth through them as they are clear. This means they are practically invisible when worn.

Aligners are designed to fit snugly so they will not move around. However, you can remove them in order to eat and for any other moments when you want to be braces-free. As long as you wear them for the majority of the day (22 hours plus), you are in control. They will exert gentle pressure on your teeth and nudge them into their new positions of a period of, on average, around 12 months.

How do you make the decision to go ahead?

Gathering information is an important step. So is having a good rapport with a dentist like Ace Dental, Camden. Braces are a long term treatment for which you will need a number of appointments. It is important that you feel comfortable. We feel confident that you will and, when the time is right for you, we will be ready to make a treatment plan with you.

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