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14 February 2018

Looking for braces in Camden?

If you are looking for braces in Camden, you’re not the only one. You thought you were? Well, we’re not surprised. You don’t see many people wearing braces in Camden these days, do you? There’s a good reason for that, one that at Ace Dental, we know very well. It’s all about secrets.

The thing is that actually quite a few adults in Camden are using braces to get their teeth straightened. It may not seem that way. You don’t actually see that many people with braces on their teeth, but maybe they are there, it’s just that you are not looking hard enough.

Modern braces are specifically designed to be very hard to spot. You really have to peer into a person’s mouth to make out whether they are having their teeth straightened, and with some brands of braces, such as Incognito and Invisalign, you’ve got pretty much no chance of spotting them. That is, unless, you want to appear a bit odd by staring very hard at someone’s teeth, and you probably don’t want that do you?

How do they do it, these manufacturers? Well, they’ve got a couple of very clever tricks up their sleeves. Let’s take a look at Incognito and Invisalign and see how they work.


These braces work exactly like traditional braces. They consist of brackets strung together with wires that, when gradually tightened, pull the teeth into alignment. The difference is that Incognito braces are fixed to the inside (or the tongue side) of the teeth, so they are tucked away, hidden from view. These gold alloy braces have a bracket custom-made to exactly fit each tooth and can cope with even the most severe alignment issues. These are the ones you want if you want discretion and need some serious help.


You’ll be equally hard pressed to spot these ultra-thin plastic aligners that snap on over the teeth rather like mouth guards. The transparent smooth plastic is 0.3 millimetres thick. A series of them are custom-made by 3D printing. Each one has carefully placed pressure points that, one after the other, nudge the teeth gently along the path to alignment.

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