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23 December 2016

Make being able to eat what you like your best Christmas present ever

Remember those Christmas day afternoons with that big box of family chocolates in front of the telly? Which one did you go for first? Was it the toffee one with the hazelnut in? And there are all those delicious nuts and those little chewy bits in the Christmas pudding. All those treats that are so hard to eat when you have dentures. It’s a wonderful life when you can whatever you want again, like you before you lost a few teeth.

Well at Ace Dental in Kentish Town, dental implants can make your Christmas dreams come true. Unless you have lost one or more teeth, it’s impossible to appreciate how depressing it can be to never again be able to eat crunchy or chewy food.

People who still have all their teeth cannot really imagine the frustration of no longer feeling the burst of juice from biting into a crunchy apple, chewing on a really good steak or a crispy roast potato. But your team of dentists at Ace Dental know the liberation that dental implants in Kentish Town can bring to patients’ lives when they can once again eat whatever takes their fancy.

Dental implants deliver this freedom because they replace the whole tooth, root and crown. The implant part itself replaces the root. This is a tiny titanium post, which is implanted into a channel created for it in the jawbone during a surgical procedure, usually carried out under local anaesthetic. Especially nervous patients can also receive sedation.

Once in place, the titanium of the implants stimulates the bone tissue to regrow and actually fuse with the rough surface of the implant, holding it securely in place like a natural tooth. This takes about three months, but after that your Ace Dental dentist can attach almost anything in the way of prosthetics. You can have one or two single teeth, bridges, and even have an entire set of teeth, upper and lower jaw (this on just four implants).

Dental implants in Kentish Town are permanent and so avoid the hassle of cleaning removable dentures. Instead you just brush and floss twice a day.

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