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9 May 2018

Making teeth bright again

Just like our laundry whites, our teeth can lose their brightness over time, no matter how careful we are to brush, floss and visit the hygienist. The hard enamel that covers our teeth is in fact porous and soaks up traces of staining foods and drinks, as well as tobacco. But these stains can be gently lifted back out with teeth whitening in Camden at Ace Dental.

Teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide gels to clean away stains and brighten teeth back up. Hydrogen peroxide was first discovered a couple of hundred years ago and has been in use as a safe and gentle bleach and disinfectant ever since. Not only does it work brilliantly to lighten hair and clean out infected wounds it also removes stains from teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is basically water with an extra oxygen molecule, H2O2. The gels used to whiten teeth come in different strengths, depending on where they are going be used.

At Ace Dental

When you opt to have teeth whitening in Camden at our clinic, the treatment takes about 90 minutes in all. We put plastic barriers over your lips and gums to protect them and then apply the whitening gel directly onto your teeth. As you watch TV or a movie and get a free massage in our massage chair, the gel, activated by a UV light, is working away to lift out stains and leave your teeth several shades lighter.

At home

In Camden, teeth whitening can also be carried out by you in your own home at your own convenience, with one of our take home whitening kits. You will first need to come into so that we can take impressions of your teeth. We use these to make gel trays that will exactly fit your teeth to ensure they come into maximum contact with the gel without it squidging out and irritating the soft parts of your mouth. This gel is milder than the gel we use in the clinic, so it will take a couple of weeks of wearing the trays for a short period each day for the results to come through.

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