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24 November 2017

No more loose dentures with dental implants in Camden

If you are tired of your ill-fitting dentures but cannot afford to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, we may have the ideal solution for you. You can now combine the benefits of both treatments at a fraction of the cost, with denture stabilisation with dental implants in Camden.

Over time, your dentures will begin to loosen because of age, jaw shrinkage, and everyday use. If your dentures often move while you are speaking or chewing, and you cannot eat most types of food, then you may consider stabilising them with dental implants. At Ace Dental, we believe that dental implants are the most effective solution when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Implant-supported dentures are not just beautiful and natural-looking, but they also stay in place in every situation so you can forget about slippage while eating, laughing or speaking.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically embedded into the jawbone. Titanium is a unique material with biocompatible properties, which means that dental implants will fuse naturally with your jawbone, acting as replacements for your missing tooth roots. As well as ensuring that your dentures are stable, dental implants in Camden will also stimulate your bone tissue, helping to retain the overall health of your jawbone.

How can dental implants improve my dentures?

Denture stabilisation is a simple procedure. Your dentist will embed up to four dental implants into your jawbone. Unlike regular implants, implants used for denture stabilisation are smaller and positioned at an angle for better retention. They also have attachments to lock into a second part that is fitted to the inside of the denture and can be adjusted.

Implant-supported dentures are more viable than regular dentures, because they never slip, and restore your oral function. Unlike regular dentures, which may look fake, implant-supported dentures look, feel and function like your natural teeth. More importantly, they stimulate the tissue in your jawbone and eliminate the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. All in all, implant-supported dentures provide a permanent tooth replacement solution.

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