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1 June 2016

Orthodontic treatments that are totally invisible

Do you dream of having straighter teeth, but worry that braces will make you feel self-conscious? It’s a common dilemma – straighter teeth is among the most popular items on patients’ wish lists when asked what they would change about their smile, while at the same time the thought of wearing obvious metal braces is off-putting, and incompatible with busy social and professional lives.

If this sounds familiar, there’s no need to despair. For patients who want to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile by straightening their teeth, Secret Smile braces may be the perfect solution – and the best news is, nobody will know you are wearing them!

Secret Smile braces have been specially designed to improve the appearance of your smile. They are not designed to correct your bite – the way that your teeth meet together – although we offer a number of other discreet orthodontic products that can help if you need to change your bite.

These braces are specifically made to straighten your front six teeth – those that show when you smile. Secret Smile braces are lingual braces, which means they are fitted to the back of your teeth instead of the front, meaning nobody will know you are having treatment unless you choose to tell them. They work just like regular braces, using gentle forces to move your teeth into a new position, but because they only focus on the front six teeth treatment times are considerably shorter than with standard braces.

Because they are so discreet, Secret Smile braces are increasingly popular with celebrities and busy professionals who don’t want the world to know they are having orthodontic treatment.

As with all braces, you should avoid eating foods with a high sugar content or hard, crunchy foods that could damage the brace. You should also follow your dentist or hygienist’s instructions on how to clean around your brace properly to ensure that you maintain good dental hygiene throughout treatment.

Secret Smile braces could give you the smile you’ve always dreamt of in just a few months. If you’ve always wanted straighter teeth, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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