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3 May 2017

Overcoming dental phobia in Camden

We all experience fear at some point in our lives. And while avoidance and denial may be reasonable reactions for certain fears, some others can lead to a dramatic decrease in quality of life, or even imperil your overall health.

Many dentists are aware of the increasing number of patients suffering from dental phobia in the UK. At Ace Dental in Camden, we understand that dental phobia, or the fear of any number of issues associated with visiting the dentist, is complex and absolutely valid. This is why we are committed to providing oral care in a friendly and relaxed environment for people who have trouble visiting the dentist.

Addressing dental phobia at an early stage is vital, since poor oral health can cause more serious problems and have a lasting effect on your general health as well. Indeed, neglecting your teeth and gums can result in complex last-minute treatments that can be very expensive.

Common causes of dental phobia

For most patients who are afraid to visit the dentist, their phobia is fuelled by perceptions of pain and discomfort. Some patients may have had a painful experience at the dentist in the past, whereas others are put off by the lack of control they experience in the dentist’s chair.

The truth is that modern dentistry today is not nearly as painful as it used to be. However, to reduce your anxiety, we can assure you we will listen to your concerns carefully and explain the procedure of your treatment in simple words.

Our services for a pain-free smile

We are sensitive to the needs of nervous patients and offer dental sedation options for comfortable and pain-free dental treatment. IV (intravenous) sedation is a great choice to consider if you are unable to receive dental treatment due to fear, pain, or other limitations. You dentist will simply inject the sedative in a controlled manner, ensuring relaxation throughout the treatment.

We also offer inhalation sedation, which is an ideal option for patients who dislike needles. Inhalation sedation is made of a mixture of mild sedative gases passed through a small mask over your nose and mouth.

Both sedation options will keep you awake throughout the treatment, but you will experience comfort and relaxation while our dentists work on your teeth.

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