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31 March 2017

Plump and smooth in all the right places

In Camden, facial aesthetics can reduce the signs of ageing, quickly and easily. At Ace Dental, we offer two kinds of treatments to smooth out and plumpen your hollows and lines.

These days, dentists are the go-to professionals for facial aesthetics because we have a thorough understanding and experience of facial anatomy. To become dentists, we have undertaken 7 years of training and study to gain intimate knowledge of how the muscles, nerves, tendons, and skin of the head, face, mouth and neck work together.

This means that when you come to us at Ace Dental, for facial aesthetics in Camden, we will be able to give you that natural look that all patients seeking a younger-looking face desire.

In Camden, facial aesthetics comes in two forms of treatment: Botox and dermal fillers, which complement each other wonderfully.

Dermal fillers

As we age, we also gradually lose production of a vital substance called hyaluronic acid. This acid forms the bonds between skin cells that makes them appear fresh and healthy; it also helps the cells retain moisture. We produce it naturally, so dermal fillers are simply replacing something that used to be in our skin anyway. It can be used to fill out areas such as the lines that run between our noses and mouths or wrinkles over the top lip that come from smoking, as well as crow’s feet and hollows in the cheeks.


Botox is an injection of botulinum type A toxin, which temporarily paralyses the muscles by blocking the activity of nerves that tell them to contract. It takes about 7 days for the full effects of Botox to become apparent and for wrinkles to smooth out. It is a particularly popular treatment for frown lines and forehead lines.

These treatments can be used in tandem to subtly recreate a youthful face. Both treatments are quick, and can be administered within 30 minutes. Both are also temporary, lasting a few months, so you can choose whether or not to get them topped up.

If you would like to find out more about facial aesthetics in Camden, why not give us a call at Ace Dental on 020 7485 3711.

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