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11 January 2017

Questions about teeth whitening

It’s natural to have questions when you are having a new dental treatment. When you have something like teeth whitening in Camden with Ace Dental, we are here to answer them. Cosmetic dentistry is a dynamic field with lots of potential for patients and we want you to be excited about your planned treatment.

What kind of results can I expect?

When you have your first consultation, your dentist will assess what kinds of stains you have on your teeth. There are generally two kinds – extrinsic or intrinsic. The first kind are surface level and can be treated using teeth whitening methods. The second kind are built into the tooth as a result of something that happened when the teeth were forming such as the ingestion of certain chemicals. Your dentist will need to talk to you about alternative methods of aesthetic improvement in this case.

Assuming you discoloration is from extrinsic staining, your dentist will discuss with you what kind of effect you are looking for and tell you what is achievable. Most people want a bright but natural looking shade.

Will it cause me any sensitivity?

There is some potential that a whitening product can cause your teeth to feel sensitive, due to the effect that it has on the enamel of your teeth. Your dentist advise you on when to take action such as reducing the frequency of your treatments. They may also give you some tooth gel to counteract the effects if necessary. It is usually nothing to worry about and the symptoms can be reversed and will stop.

How often do I need to have the treatment?

We can advise you about treatment intervals when you visit us at Ace Dental, Camden. Teeth whitening generally begins to fade at around the three month mark. You can sometimes get more longevity out of your treatment by curbing lifestyle factors that affect the teeth, such as drinking coffee and red wine or eating certain foods.

If you have used at-home trays for your treatment then you can use them again to top up your whitening at home. If you had in-clinic teeth whitening in Camden with us then you can ask to have trays made to allow you to revitalise the effect. It only takes a couple of days every few months to maintain.

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