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27 June 2018

Removing the barriers to straight teeth

Getting your teeth straightened may be one of those things you’d really love to do but never get around to because you just can’t imagine taking a couple of years out to wear uncomfortable, heavy-metal braces that attract unwanted attention. Maybe you’d have done it as a kid, but now that you’re an adult, it’s not a look you really want to have. Well, the good news is that teeth straightening has undergone a revolution and braces in Camden have never been so comfortable and discreet, and treatment times have never been so fast.

Here at Ace Dental, we have a range of braces in Camden that can give you the lovely straight smile you have always wanted without the hassle and inconvenience that has put you off treatment for years. And, if it literally is years and years, don’t worry, the great thing about getting your teeth straightened is that you can get it done at any age.

How teeth move

Sustained pressure plays a vital role in getting the teeth to move. The jawbone responds to this pressure by removing bone cells on the compression side of the pressure and simultaneously adding new bone cells on the tension side.

Our braces in Camden

If you are adult with a mild to moderate case of misalignment, we have a range of braces that can straighten out your teeth in a relatively short period of time. We also have a teeth-straightening dentist to deal with the more complex cases.

Our braces include:

Inman Aligner

This removable device is great for realigning the front teeth using transparent aligner bows that sandwich the teeth to realign them. Treatment can take from 6-18 weeks. This device can also act as a retainer, which saves you money.


Invisalign employs clear, removable aligners that look like mouth guards. Instead of just one device, you receive a series of them which are worn one after the other. Each has built-in pressure points that nudge the teeth into alignment little by little. They are removable so you can eat and drink normally.

We also offer other brands such as Quick Straight Teeth and Six Month Smiles.

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