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12 January 2018

Smooth away the years

Having a lovely smooth youthful-looking face has become easier and easier as treatments with facial aesthetics in Camden have become more widely available. The trouble is that faces are pretty complicated things. We worry about the look of lines and hollows on the surface of our skin, but what is going on underneath is complex and needs to be well understood if the treatments are to be effective and natural-looking. That’s why as dentists, Ace Dental, is in a perfect position to supply this kind of treatment.

When we deliver facial aesthetics in Camden, we know exactly how the skin, muscles, nerves, bones and tendons that make up your face interact with each other, and therefore how the treatments are best delivered. We also have years of practice in delivering pinpoint accurate of treatments through needles, thanks to the administration of local anaesthetics in our dental work.

When you come to us for treatment with facial aesthetics in Camden, you can choose between Botox or dermal fillers.


This is the brand name for the purified protein of the botulinum A type toxin. Originally used to combat excessive sweating, it also temporarily paralyses muscles by blocking the nerve impulses to them. Botox is great for wrinkles that have been created by contracting muscles, such as frown lines and worry lines on the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes from smiling and smokers’ lines around the mouth. The full effects develop gradually over about seven days and last for up to four months.

Dermal fillers

At Ace Dental, our dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid gel. This is an acid that is naturally produced by the body and it is what gives your skin that plumped out youthful glow as it locks moisture into the cells. As our bodies produce less of it, we get wrinkles. Dermal fillers are used to plump out hollows and wrinkles, and it’s great for adding more definition to flattened lips and hollow cheeks. The effects are instantaneous and can last for up to year, about six months with lips.

To find out more about facial aesthetics in Camden, why not pop in for a consultation?

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