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26 September 2018

Smoother skin

At Ace Dental in Camden, facial aesthetics is the name we give to the treatments that enhance your appearance. By carefully applying our specially-formulated substances to key areas of your face, we can relax your wrinkles and improve the definition of your contours. If, like many people, you have lines formed by repeated smiling and frowning, we can soften them. Our contemporary solutions can give you a more youthful appearance, and might make you feel more socially confident.

Varieties of facial aesthetics in Camden

We can smooth out your between-the-brow frown lines using wrinkle relaxation injections. Crow’s feet will also benefit from this meticulous injection, which can also help to reduce excessive sweating. The treatment temporarily relaxes key muscles associated with wrinkles, which reduces the amount of creasing on your skin. Injections are given in different strengths, according to how much of your wrinkles your wish to get rid of. The other areas of your face will remain unaffected, so your natural appearance will be retained.

Facial aesthetics in Camden also involves facial peels. This treatment removes the top layer of your skin. Signs of age-related damage are removed along with it, so you’ll look fresher. The skin is removed in an even layer after we apply a substance to the whole of your face. The soft and undamaged skin underneath the top layer will then be revealed.

Further treatments

We offer dermal fillers, which can enhance the shape of your facial aesthetics in Camden. This treatment can make your lips more shapely, and rehydrate any dry-looking skin. Lines around your chin and mouth will also benefit.

The duration of these treatments depends on the type and strength of the substances you opt for. You’ll notice the initial effects within days of your visit to our practice. These effects usually last for several months. Many patients opt to have top-up treatments to maintain their newly-improved appearance.

Facial aesthetics in Camden will enhance your overall appearance. It’s a great way to improve your skin, especially if you’re concerned about sagging or wrinkles. Our experienced team delivers care with tact and efficiency, so you can relax throughout the process.

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