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17 August 2018

So much choice for replacing missing teeth

The beauty of dental implants is that it is such a versatile treatment. Got one tooth missing? Check. Got two or three missing in a row? Can do. Lost a full arch or even a full set of teeth? Dental implants can fill in the gap.

At Ace Dental in Camden, dental implants are our go-to treatment for missing teeth, and one reason is because of this versatility. And while not every patient is suitable for implants, they are becoming more widely available. Due to advances in dental technology, implants are not only versatile in the number of teeth they can replace; they can also adapt to different scenarios and in some cases provide a solution where a patient has been told in the past that implants aren’t possible for them.

For example, one implant treatment we offer is All-on-4. Using this technique, we can replace a whole arch of teeth with just four implants. This helps patients who may not have the required density in their jawbone to have more implants than this. It also keeps surgery time to a minimum for those who may struggle to cope with more lengthy procedures.

Another possibility is zygomatic implants. The main reason patients are turned down for dental implants in Camden is low density in the jawbone. Zygomatic implants can get around this issue for teeth in the upper jaw, by using a longer implant that fits into the cheekbone.

If you are at the point of losing all your teeth, or if you wear dentures, denture stabilisation with dental implants in Camden is a possibility to consider. This treatment fixes a set of either custom-made or existing dentures onto a few dental implants. The dentures can either be permanently fixed onto the implants, providing a set of stable replacement teeth, or they can be removable if preferred, for cleaning and maintenance.

If you have lost or are about to lose one or more teeth, call into our practice today and have a chat with our implant dentist about how dental implants in Camden could help you get back your full, radiant smile. Chances are, we have a treatment that can help.

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