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28 March 2018

Sparkle up!

Fancy putting a bit more sparkle into your life? Well now that glitter is officially very bad for the environment, along with every other kind of single-use plastic, how about putting the sparkle somewhere you can use it over and over again? In your mouth, with teeth whitening in Camden.

Here at Ace Dental, we can never quite get over just how much teeth whitening in Camden can transform our patients’ smiles, and how that goes onto brighten them up all over from the inside as they use their smiles more. We love to see the change that comes over people when they know they have a great smile, and we’d love to see it on you too.

So, if you want to bring a bit of sparkle into your life every day, we have two ways you can get teeth whitening in Camden.


If you want to get your teeth whitened with minimum effort and then just get on with your life, then you need to come into the clinic for treatment. You lie back and relax while we cover your lips and gums with a protective barrier, and then paint whitening gel onto your teeth. The gel is activated by a UV lamp and it takes about an hour to go several shades lighter. You can choose how light you want to go.


If you’d rather save a bit of money and have more autonomy over your treatment then you need our special take-home whitening kit. For this, we need to make you a bespoke set of gel trays that fit exactly to your teeth. We take impressions with dental putty and then make the trays. You fill them with whitening gel (a weaker formula than the in-clinic gel) and wear the trays for a short period every day. It takes a couple of weeks for the gel to lift out the stains from your teeth.

Keeping your whites white

Whitening isn’t permanent, so avoid staining substances like tea, coffee and red wine, and brush after every meal to preserve your white teeth for as long as possible. If you have the take-home kit, you can buy top-up gel to keep your smile in full sparkle.

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