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21 July 2017

Sparkle up

If you are feeling like your image needs a lift, and your wardrobe is already bulging, why not give a quick makeover to something that you have to carry around with you all day every day? Why not brighten up your smile?

When you have teeth whitening in Camden with us at Ace Dental, you’ll find you make far more use of your smile. In fact you may only give it a rest when you are sleeping! And when you smile more, you’ll find your whole mood lifts and life looks better. This is serotonin, the body’s feel good chemical, entering your system. Every time you smile, you release it.

Teeth whitening in Camden is very popular for special occasions such as weddings, but in truth, having whiter teeth can make every day feel more of a celebration as you smile more and get your serotonin going.

At Ace Dental, we offer 2 types of teeth whitening. Both use hydrogen peroxide as a gentle bleaching agent.

In clinic

This is the slightly more expensive option because it is the quickest and we do it for you. You come into the clinic and relax in the massage chair in our dedicated whitening room, while the gel we have applied to your teeth, activated by a special light, whitens them by several shades. This takes about an hour and during this time you can listen to music or watch television.


At-home teeth whitening takes about 2 weeks. This is because the gel we give you to use is less concentrated than the one we use in the clinic. We give you trays that hold the gel and you wear them overnight or for a few hours during the day. You can also buy top up trays as and when you need them.

Is it for me?

If your teeth have been stained by life: tobacco, red wine, coffee, tea, some medicines, or are just naturally more yellow, then teeth whitening in Camden can make a difference. There are some discolourations that whitening treatments can’t get rid of, but don’t worry, you can cover those with veneers if you wish.

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