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5 April 2017

Straighten your teeth with orthodontics in Camden

Nowadays, people of any age can benefit from orthodontics. Teeth that are crooked, crowded, or gapped affect the way your mouth looks and works. Teeth straightening treatment not only improves the appearance of your smile, but your oral health as well. Straight teeth are easier to clean and less likely to develop tooth decay or gum disease.

At Ace Dental, we don’t want you to hide your natural smile out of embarrassment. That’s why we offer we offer a full range of orthodontic treatments at competitive prices. You can now opt for many treatments to suit your individual needs in regard to treatment time and lifestyle choices. From fixed braces to removable appliances, your orthodontist may suggest one or a combination of the following orthodontic treatments to correct your bite discreetly.


Invisalign consists of a set of clear, removable, custom-made aligners that help your teeth gradually move to their right position. Your dentist will provide a new aligner every week and each one applies a slight adjustment to your teeth.

Invisalign aligners are very comfortable, because they are made of smooth plastic. Moreover, they are removable, therefore, you can take them out while eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth. However, they have to be worn at least 22 hours a day for effective treatment.

Inman aligner

The Inman Aligner is a cost-effective, removable, orthodontic appliance that moves teeth much quicker than other teeth straightening methods. It aligns crowded or protruding front teeth with two opposing spring loaded aligner bars. This movement provides mild but continuous pressure over a large range of movement, resulting in straighter teeth in as little as six weeks.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces allow you to straighten your teeth without compromising your current smile. They work the same as traditional metal braces, except that the brackets and wires are fixed on the inside of teeth. Besides being invisible, lingual braces have other advantages as well. Unlike Invisalign, they are more efficient for complex movements like correcting rotations, changing the heights of teeth, and closing extractions spaces. At Ace Dental, we use Damon lingual braces, which are suitable for almost every type of orthodontic problem, with treatment times up to about 24 months.

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