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6 March 2018

Straighter teeth are yours so easily

If you think that getting your teeth straightened with braces in Camden is going to be a real hassle that goes on forever, then you need to think again. At Ace Dental, we go out of our way to find brace systems that make the whole teeth straightening process as comfortable and convenient as possible. And, depending on how serious your misalignment issues are, teeth straightening can be remarkably quick.

Things have moved on hugely in the world of braces, and now there are systems made for adults who want to be able to have beautifully aligned teeth, but don’t want their looks to be at the mercy of the straightening system.

Looking good

Most adults want to be confident about how they look and get their teeth straightened at the same time. And this is completely doable. Traditional bracket and wire braces used to cumbersome. Their large brackets and thick wires dominated the teeth. It was a kind of one size fits all brace systems that had to deal with the serious bite issues as well as just the odd minor rotation. The people with minor rotations didn’t bother to get their teeth straightened, and who can blame them?

Now though, there are smaller brackets made of clear ceramic, and finer, single wires that are tooth-coloured. Together they blend into to the teeth, and complement them rather than overwhelming them. One brand is called Six Month Smiles, and we have this on offer here at Ace Dental.

Another brand, Invisalign, does not even use brackets and wires. Instead, it has taken the humble mouth guard style retainer (which keeps your straightened teeth in place at the end of treatment) and transformed it into a straightening system. A progression of clear plastic aligners gently nudge the teeth into alignment with cleverly positioned pressure points. Invisible when on the teeth, the aligners are also removable for eating and drinking, taking one of the major hassles of wearing braces right out of the picture.

The Inman Aligner can reposition your front few teeth in as little as six weeks, and Quick Straight Teeth offers both aligners and bracket and wire braces.

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