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26 August 2016

The benefits of dental implants as tooth replacements

Dental implants provide a truly 21st Century solution to tooth loss. Ace Dental in Kentish Town can carry out both simple and complex implant treatments, to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth.

Standard tooth replacements – dental bridgework and full or partial dentures – only replace the crowns of the teeth. Although the roots are hidden from view, they are equally important. Tooth roots keep the crowns firmly in place and enable them to function properly. They also help to keep the jaw bone strong and healthy, which is important to facial structure as well as ensuring your dentures fit well.

The majority of people who wear traditional dentures will experience problems with the fit, caused by degeneration of the jaw bone. Loose dentures cause a range of distressing issues, including:

  • Problems eating anything but soft foods, making it hard to get adequate nutrition
  • Alteration to your speech, difficulty speaking clearly and being understood
  • Devastating effects on your body image, confidence, and social life if your dentures become so loose they slip on a regular basis

By choosing to have dental implants at our Kentish Town dental practice, you can avoid or alleviate all of these problems. In a matter of months after implant surgery you could be enjoying renewed confidence and saying a clear “yes” to all those dinner invitations once more, safe in the knowledge that your new teeth won’t let you down.

At Ace Dental in Kentish Town we are even able to offer dental implants to people who have already experienced bone loss. When you come in for an implant consultation, your Kentish Town dentist will assess your level of bone density using CT scans. If you do need additional work on your jaw bone, you will be offered either a bone graft or a sinus lift – depending on whether it is the upper or lower jaw that’s affected.

When your dental implants are placed, it takes about six months for them to fully integrate with your jaw bone, during which you may be able to keep wearing your old denture until your Kentish Town dentist can fit your new teeth.

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