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16 November 2018

Things you might not know about dental implants

More people each year are having dental implants in Camden, but how much do you know about this advanced treatment? Here are some facts you might not be aware of.

It doesn’t matter how many teeth need replacing

Whether you are missing a single tooth, a mouthful of teeth or something in between, dental implants in Camden can work for you. A full arch of teeth can be supported on just 4 implants.

Dental implants in Camden can keep your face looking younger

It’s not just missing teeth that can make you look older, it’s the effect they have on your jaw and face. Without teeth to support them, the jawbone can start to recede and the face can take on a somewhat sunken appearance. Implants stop the jawbone from deteriorating, and keep your face looking more youthful.

A dental implant could save your other teeth

If you have been unfortunate enough to lose a tooth, if it’s not obvious at the front of your mouth you might think there is no point in replacing it with an implant. However, our teeth retain their strength by sitting tightly against each other. When a tooth is missing, the teeth on either side can start to tilt and shift. If a lower tooth is missing, the corresponding upper tooth can start to slip down without its mate to bite against. Dental implants in Camden can stop these things from happening and help keep your natural teeth strong.

Implants look and feel like real teeth

Once an implant has been fitted, it becomes virtually unnoticeable, both to you and others. The replacement tooth or teeth will be carefully made so that the colour and appearance matches your natural teeth. Dental implants in Camden eradicate many of the problems associated with dentures and bridges, meaning you can talk and eat with confidence.

Dental implants in Camden can last a lifetime

If you look after your implants well, they should last a lifetime. They are intended to be long-lasting, something which is worth considering if you are worried about cost. Where dentures, bridges and crowns often need replacing after a while, dental implants should keep going strong for many years.

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