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24 August 2018

Two ways to whiter teeth

Many dentists who offer teeth whitening in Camden will only use one brand of whitener. We use three. This is because we know that each patient is unique, and we want to make sure we can offer you a treatment that is really right for you.

It’s also important for us that we provide only high-quality treatments. That’s why we use Enlighten, Zoom! and Boutique Whitening, because they are all tried and tested and we know they work.

Whichever brand suits you best, there are two different ways can you receive teeth whitening in Camden here at Ace Dental: power whitening and at-home whitening.

Power whitening

This is so called because it uses a powerful, fast-acting whitening gel that gets the job done in around 90 minutes. This treatment takes place at our surgery, in the dentist’s chair. Well, actually, you sit in a relaxing massage chair, where you can take your ease while the gel does its work. Visiting the dentist was never so enjoyable.

First our dentist will protect your gums with a specially made shield to make sure that no high concentration gel gets into the soft tissues of your mouth to cause irritation. Next step is to paint your teeth with the hydrogen peroxide gel. This is then activated by a UV light, and you simply sit back and relax, until, just over an hour later, your teeth are shades lighter.

At-home whitening

If you’d like to carry out the treatment yourself more gently over a longer time period, we can provide you with custom-made whitening trays to use at home. You wear these for a few hours a day, or overnight for about two weeks. You add a lower concentration whitening gel to the trays, which we will provide for you.

However you decide to whiten your teeth, it’s important that you talk to a dentist about teeth whitening in Camden. Off-the-shelf kits may seem appealing and cheap, but the whitening trays aren’t custom-made, which means that the gel may leak onto your gums.

It’s really not worth the risk. Talk to us at Ace Dental about teeth whitening in Camden today.

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