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1 March 2016

Using invisible braces for straighter teeth

Straighter teeth is the number one item on many people’s smile wish list. Teeth that are misaligned, crooked or crowded cause many adults to be embarrassed about smiling or laughing in public. However, a lot of people when they think about orthodontic treatment imagine traditional metal and wire braces. These are highly effective, but are also very obvious.

The thought of wearing metal braces for a considerable period of time is even more embarrassing to many than having crooked teeth. Fortunately, there are discreet options available to correct a range of orthodontic problems. Read on to discover how we can help. . .

Fixed appliances (braces) are often the best solution to correct misaligned bites, crowded teeth or unwanted gaps between your teeth. The dental specialty of orthodontics has advanced greatly in recent years, so that patients can benefit from the effect of treatment with fixed braces without the metallic glint to your smile.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth fixed appliance are based on the same principals as metal braces. However, they use tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets, meaning they are almost invisible. Treatment with Quick Straight Teeth fixed braces is predictable and often twice as fast as with clear aligners. They work so quickly by focussing on the front six to eight teeth, which also means they are more comfortable than traditional braces because there is no need for excessive tightening of the wire.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are a popular way to correct minor to moderate orthodontic problems, focussing on the aesthetic appearance of your smile. They comprise clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to gently move the “social six” front teeth into a better position. Because they focus on the front teeth they act quickly, with many patients completing treatment in less than six months. They use milder forces than traditional braces, so are more comfortable, as well as being cheaper than traditional orthodontic treatments.

Damon lingual braces

Damon lingual braces are much like traditional braces, but the major difference is they are fixed to the back or “lingual” side of your teeth. This means that nobody will know you are wearing them.

Brackets and wires are customised to fit your teeth exactly, and are suitable for almost every type of orthodontic problem. Damon lingual braces provide accurate treatment for even severe orthodontic cases, and average treatment time is 24 months.

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