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18 May 2018

Which are the braces for you?

Being a modern human is all about choice. Sometimes it can even feel like there is too much choice and you can find yourself spending hours in the haircare aisle wondering which shampoo is best for you, trying to find that one that will cater to all your issues. It’s getting a bit like that with braces in Camden. There are metal braces, plastic braces, braces for the front teeth only, and even braces that go behind the teeth.

At Ace Dental, we stock the whole wide range of braces so you can be sure that there is one to suit your needs. However, we aren’t going to leave you to work out for yourself which ones are right for you. When you come to us for braces in Camden, our trained braces dentist will take a good look at your teeth alignment issues and answer all your questions. Together you and our dentist will work out which brand of braces is going to best suit your lifestyle, your alignment issues and your pocket.

Yes, you may have a yearning for those invisible plastic aligners, but if they can’t do the job, we are going to steer you towards braces designed for your issues. You may want to get the job done as quickly as possible, but teeth can only move so fast, and you only get one set of teeth, so it’s better to get the right braces for you and take your time with this process.

Discreet braces for adults

Taking your time does not have to mean being burdened with unattractive metalwork all over the front of your teeth for months on end. The really big clunky braces are out of date and really only used for super serious alignment issues these days. For most adults, it’s more a case of straightening up a few mildly misaligned teeth at the front of the mouth. For such issue, we can probably use either clear aligners or clear ceramic brackets with tooth-coloured wires. If you do have more complex issues, we have braces in Camden that go on the backs of your teeth rather than the front, and no one can see them.

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