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19 August 2016

Why dental implants are often the perfect solution to missing teeth

With dental implants, your dentist can permanently replace one or more of your natural teeth, restoring both aesthetic appearance and natural action. Ace Dental in Kentish Town offers a number of dental implant-based solutions for patients of all ages who have missing teeth, no matter how they came to lose them.

At our Kentish Town dental practice we believe that missing teeth should always be replaced, one way or another. More often than not we find dental implants are the best way to do this. If you fail to replace even one lost tooth, your additional teeth are instantly put under additional strain, and are likely to move into the gap left behind. They can become crooked, twisted, and impossible to keep clean in the process, which can ultimately raise your risk of further tooth loss.

When several or all of the natural teeth are missing, you are likely to experience problems with eating, speaking, body image, and confidence. Whilst other tooth replacements – conventional dental bridges and dentures – replace the crowns of the teeth, they don’t replace the roots, and this can lead to bone loss.

Bone loss is the main reason traditional dentures become loose and hard to use. At our Kentish Town clinic we can use dental implants to successfully stabilise your dentures, getting rid of all these problems – or preventing them happening in the first place.

Most people only require local anaesthetic for the placement of dental implants at our Kentish Town dental practice. Your dentist carries out extensive planning before your implant surgery, making it fairly simple from a patient’s point of view.

As soon as they are in position, your dental implants will start to integrate with your jaw bone. This provides a stable base for your dentist to attach your new teeth.

Your implants will be left to heal and mesh with your jaw bone for a few months, before you are recalled to our Kentish Town practice to have your permanent new teeth attached to the abutments on top of your dental implants.

You will need to attend regular follow-up appointments to keep your implants in prime condition.

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