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26 April 2017

You can have a gleaming smile

Are you proud of your smile? We all want a smile we can show off to the world but tooth discolouration can prevent that from being a reality. Poor dental hygiene can result in teeth that are less than sparkling, but sometimes even the best kept teeth can be dull. Exposure to fluoride, antibiotics, food staining, damage and ageing can all change the colour of the enamel. At Ace Dental, Camden, teeth whitening is a great option for improving the tone of your teeth.

A happier and healthier smile

Having a beautiful smile to share with others can make you feel better about yourself as you can smile with confidence. As well as improving your appearance, whitening can prevent some dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. So, having teeth whitening in Camden is an investment in your dental health as well as your looks. Depending on your lifestyle and eating habits, your whiter teeth can last for six months. Any original staining is unlikely to reappear so you can be confident that you can enjoy your new look.

How does it work?

The first stage to teeth whitening in Camden is an appointment in which we assess the type of staining and discuss the best course of treatment for you. We use a hydrogen peroxide gel, which is held in place against your teeth using a custom-built plastic tray. The gel gently changes the colour of your teeth without affecting the natural surface of the tooth. People have different needs so we offer a range of options from our practice in Camden. Teeth whitening can either be carried out during a short procedure using special light to activate the gel or we can provide you with a product to take home. The first option takes just an hour and a half while the latter allows you to fit the treatment into your daily life over a few days. Top-up trays are available to ensure that your brighter teeth last.

There is no need to be embarrassed about your teeth. Teeth whitening in Camden could be the solution that offers you enhanced appearance, greater self-esteem and improved oral health.

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