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Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Often the best solution for problems like misaligned bites, crowding and unwanted spaces is a fixed appliance. Ace Dental has several types to choose from. All are very discreet, either completely hidden from view or with clear or tooth-coloured components.

QST fixed braces


These are remarkably discreet for a system based on the traditional system of a wire held by brackets. With its tooth-coloured wire and the 3M Gemini clear brackets we use, we believe this is the most aesthetic of any system like it on the market today – so much better than those old “train tracks”. These fixed braces are for correcting aesthetic issues with the front six or eight teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile.

QST fixed braces treatment is more predictable and often more than twice as fast as removable clear aligners. Also, because they focus just on the front teeth, there is no need for excessive tightening of the wire, so there is minimal discomfort.

Because of low laboratory fees and material costs, and the speed of treatment, QST fixed braces are very affordable.

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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles has helped revolutionise traditional braces, taking the best features of this proven procedure and then giving it a lift with new materials and variations to the techniques used.

Focusing on the front six teeth, Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires, so is very discreet. And because the system reliably correct issues only with the “social six” teeth – the ones most of us worry about – treatment times are dramatically reduced: no more than six months and often much quicker than that.

This is a smart treatment for busy people, and it costs much less than traditional braces and Invisalign or alternative treatments like veneers. Patients say Six Month Smiles is also more comfortable than traditional braces, using milder forces to get the desired result.

This treatment does not claim to correct major orthodontic problems. However, most adults want relatively minor corrections, so Six Month Smiles is often the ideal solution.

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Lingual Braces - Damon


Damon braces are similar to traditional fixed braces but the brackets are bonded to the back (lingual side) of the teeth instead of the outside, so they are completely hidden. No-one will know you have braces unless YOU tell them!

Using state-of-the-art technology, brackets and wires are customised to fit your teeth exactly and act in a way that is uniquely designed to solve your orthodontic problems.

Damon braces are suitable for almost every type of orthodontic case, with treatment times up to about 24 months. This is an excellent, highly accurate treatment for more severe orthodontic cases in patients of all ages, with the major benefit of being out of sight for the whole duration.

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