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Fast orthodontics

Teeth straightening

If you have crooked teeth and want them straightened, the news has never been better. Huge advances have made orthodontics much quicker, more comfortable and more discreet, and thousands of adults are joining the orthodontic revolution, reaping the benefits of straight teeth and greater self-confidence.

Ace Dental in Kentish Town is right up to date with the latest systems and techniques. In a few months or even just a few weeks, we can solve common orthodontic problems like crowding, misaligned bites and unwanted spaces. We are also fortunate to have the services of a specialist orthodontist for more complex cases.

Your options for getting straighter teeth:

Removable Aligners

We have a range of removable aligners to choose from, depending on the case. All of them are discreet, some almost invisible, and our patients love that they can take them out to eat or to brush their teeth.

Probably the best-known clear aligner, invisalign is popular for its near invisibility and comfort and the advantage of removing it for eating and tooth-brushing. Treatment times range from about 9 to 18 months to correct mild alignment problems.

Inman Aligner.
A removable appliance made up of two opposing sections putting gentle pressure on the front and back of the teeth. Because it focuses on correcting common crowding problems with just the front four teeth, this is a very quick treatment for minor alignment problems, taking as little as six weeks.

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Quick Straight Teeth (QST).
There are two types of removable QST product, both of which get outstanding results. One is a clear aligner, like invisalign, while the other works in a similar way to the Inman Aligner. QST removable devices are unrivalled for their comfort and very discreet. Depending on the case, treatment times range from 4 to 24 weeks.

QST has a very discreet fixed bracket system that focuses on the front six or eight teeth, using tooth-coloured wire and clear brackets, so these braces are barely noticeable. Treatment outcomes are more predictable than with some other systems, so it is also a fast treatment, taking up to about six months for mild alignment problems.

PuraSmile Clear Braces

PuraSmile clear cosmetic braces are prescribed by a registered dentist. Therefore our process is kept very simple. Once accepted for treatment, our braces dentist will take imprints of your teeth, so we can manufacture your personalised clear braces.

You can then go about your everyday life, with your braces in. No-one will now, and just remove for eating. Change sets as directed. Your teeth will slowly but surely move to the perfect position. After your course, you can smile like you've always wanted to!

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Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are similar to traditional fixed braces but the brackets are bonded to the inside of the teeth instead of the outside, so they are completely out of sight. Ace Dental uses the respected Damon brand, which is suitable for almost every type of orthodontic case, with treatment times up to about 24 months.

Tooth-coloured braces

Modern orthodontics means there is no need for you to wear big metal “train tracks” on the outside of your teeth that can be seen from across the room. We use systems with very fast treatment times:

Six Month Smiles
Similar to QST, Six Months Smiles uses tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wire and clear brackets to provide a fast, fixed appliance treatment in as discreet a way as possible.

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Ace Dental has every orthodontic situation covered, so we will easily find the ideal solution for you. You can phone us on 020 7485 3711 or send an email via this website and we will reply. Ace Dental is at 158 Kentish Town Road, handy not just to Kentish Town residents but also anyone looking for braces in Camden, Highgate, and Hampstead areas.

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