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Secret Smile

Ever wanted braces that were truly invisible?

What is Secret Smile?

Secret Smile braces are fitted to the back of your teeth making them totally invisible. A favourite with celebrities and those in the public eye.

Why choose Secret Smile?

Secret Smile is specifically designed to straighten your front six teeth. Rather than treat how your teeth bite together we focus on improving your smile. This means treatment is much quicker than traditional orthodontics.

How does Secret Smile work?

Secret Smile braces exert light forces onto your teeth to gently encourage them into their new positions and uses a series of traditional and modified techniques.

Adarsh Thanki Reviewed by Louise Schroeter - Secret Smile Patient on Secret Smile was surprisingly fast and the whole process was very straight forward. Secret Smile has given me perfect teeth in time for my wedding day

- Louise Schroeter - Secret Smile Patient
Rating: 4.5

Due to the invisible appearance of Secret Smile braces, this technique has become popular with celebrities looking for special orthodontic treatment that does not interfere with work or socialising.

We have treated many cases where patients main concerns were:

straightening crooked teeth, alignment of the gum line, closing spaces between teeth, alignment of flared teeth time of treatment, complexity of treatment required

Is the brace invisible?

Yes, the brace fits behind your teeth so nobody can see them.

Is there any food that I should avoid eating?

You should follow a healthy diet, avoid sugary foods and also hard crunchy foods which may damage your brace.

Why is treatment so quick?

Because we are simply improving your smile rather than treating your bite which can take around two years.

Will my teeth stay straight after treatment?

As with all orthodontic treatment, we recommend that you wear a retainer to make sure your teeth don't move back to their original position.

Will it hurt?

The fitting of the brace is totally painless. It is normal to experience discomfort from your teeth for a couple of days following fitting and adjustment. With Secret Smile braces some people may find that the brackets rub their tongue initially. We provide a special comfort guard for you to wear over the brace to protect your tongue from irritation for the first couple of weeks until you become used to the brackets.

Will it affect my speech?

Some people find that they lisp for a couple of days after the brace is fitted, but most people adapt very quickly and no one will realise you are wearing it.

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