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If you have to wear dentures, you will no doubt have experienced some of their drawbacks and limitations. One of the major issues faced by denture wearers is worries about them slipping out of your mouth while talking or eating. You may find that you tend to limit the kinds of foods that you eat as a result of this.

If this is something that you have been struggling with, the great news is that we can offer you implant-retained dentures, which can solve the problem for good. 

How will the implants be fitted?

Your dentist will give you a local anaesthetic, and sometimes a sedative if appropriate. Then, they will insert the implants into your jaw. Your dentures will be made to fit on top of the implants, meaning that you will feel secure, and simply able to go about your daily business.

After your implants are in place, you will be given plenty of information about how to care for your implants at home. This will usually include avoiding hot food for a day or so, and brushing regularly – but carefully at the beginning of your recovery.

When you have first had your implants fitted, you will find that there is some discomfort once the anaesthetic has worn off, however, we will prescribe you pain relief to help with this.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

There are a great number of benefits, including:

  • Securely fitting dentures that you can really rely on
  • Less denture base, meaning your taste and speech will be improved
  • A more natural bite than with regular dentures
  • No pressure points due to how the dentures sit in your mouth

Can the dentures be removed?

If you ever wish to remove your dentures, you will be able to take them out of your mouth, and replace them as needed. This gives you all of the flexibility of having regular dentures, with the peace of mind of having your teeth securely in place when it counts.

How can I start the process?

If you have made the decision that implant-retained dentures could be the best choice for you, the next step is to book a meeting with our team so that we can chat with you. We will take a look inside your mouth to see what your current teeth are like, and we will also offer you a scan or x-ray to assess the health of your jaw, as this is where the implants will need to be placed.

Sometimes, you will need to have some teeth removed to make room for your dentures, however we will advise you of this at your first meeting.

From here, we will then book you in for an appointment to have the procedure carried out. This will be done as an outpatient, meaning that you will simply be able to go home at the end of the procedure and carry on as normal.

You are likely to find that implant-retained dentures give you exactly the security that you have been looking for, so if you would like to book yourself in for a consultation with one of our team, just give us a call and we would be happy to help you.

Call on 020 7485 3711 to find out how our team can help you improve your smile.

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