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If your teeth aren’t straight, it could impact your confidence every time you look in the mirror. 

But many people worry about others knowing that they’re wearing braces, and this prevents them from seeking treatment. If this is true for you, then Incognito lingual braces could be the answer.

What are Incognito lingual braces?

These braces are similar to traditional braces in many ways, in that they also use a wire and bracket system to attach to the teeth and then gradually move them in the direction that you’re aiming for. However, whereas most braces fit onto the front of the teeth, Incognito lingual braces will be fixed to the rear where nobody will ever see them. 

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of Incognito lingual braces is the fact that they can’t be seen, which is a huge selling point in the eyes of many people. However, there are also another couple of advantages, which are worth thinking about, including:

  • With normal braces, there can be marks left behind when they are removed if dental hygiene hasn’t been absolutely perfect. Even if marks are left by lingual braces, they will be on the back of the teeth, so nobody will be able to see them
  • If you play a musical instrument, wearing this brace shouldn’t affect your playing, whereas traditional braces can sometimes make things uncomfortable if you play instruments from the brass or woodwind family

How do I care for lingual braces?

You should care for your teeth in exactly the way that you normally would, by brushing and flossing in line with your regular routine. It is always important to avoid any damage or decay while wearing braces, as it means that further treatment is less likely, and the process of straightening won’t be interrupted.

How can I get them fitted?

If you think that this could be a good choice for you, come to see us and we will advise you about the best option for your needs. We may decide that Incognito braces are the best option for you, but we will always outline the various alternatives that we have available so that you can be completely sure about the choice you’ve made.

From here, we will take an impression of your mouth to allow us to have the braces made perfectly for your teeth. They will then be fitted and tightened every few weeks as required.

Once the braces have done their job, they will be removed, and you might need to wear a night time retainer for a while, depending on your situation.

These are certainly an option if you need braces but are worried about them being seen, and they have provided a great solution for many of our patients.

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