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If you have a missing tooth, you’re probably already aware of the impact on your confidence and overall quality of life. 

Many people opt for single tooth implants because they look indistinguishable from natural teeth – meaning that nobody will know that you’ve had an implant fitted. Ace Dental’s implant patients are thrilled with the results at the end of the process.

Why you might need a single tooth dental implant

There are a number of reasons that you may need to have a single tooth dental implant, and this includes if you have missing or loose teeth, if one of your teeth has decayed, if it is broken or cracked, or if it has been damaged as a result of an injury. Often, it is used in teeth that are simply too damaged to be repaired in any other way.

What does the process involve?

Usually, there will be two procedures involved with a single tooth implant. At the first one, the implant will be fitted. At the end of this process, the incision will be stitched, and you will be given a few months to recover before the next appointment to ensure that your gum has healed properly.

At your second appointment, a healing cap will be placed on top of the implant. This can help your gum to heal, and once that has taken place, your permenent crown can be placed on top of the implant . On occasion, we may decide that all stages of the process can be completed in one visit, however, that will depend on each individual patient.

How do you take care of a dental implant?

For the most part, you will be able to take care of your implant in the same way as you would take care of any of your natural teeth. You will need to be in a good routine of brushing and flossing, although you’ll need to take care when the procedure has just been carried out, as your gum will take a while to heal and may be sensitive for a while. It is recommended that you avoid hot, hard or chewy foods for a few days, and take care when introducing these again, as you don’t want to make the healing process any longer.

Of course, you should still attend regular dental appointments as usual.

What happens at my first consultation?

If you have made the decision that you would like to go ahead and have a single tooth dental implant fitted, we will need you to book an appointment with us first, to come in and have a chat about what needs to be done. At this consultation, we will take a look at the tooth in question, and also scan or x-ray your jaw to ensure that your bone density is suitable for the implant.

We will also discuss any other options that might be open to you, in addition to having a chat about any other medical issues you may have, or medications that you might be taking.

By taking the time to do this, we will be sure you are a good candidate for dental implants, and this means that you will have the confidence of knowing that it’s the right procedure for you before we go ahead.

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